Punishment for Food Adulteration in Nigeria

Punishment for Food Adulteration in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. We hope it guides you to be cautious of this mayhem.

What is the punishment for food adulteration

Punishment for Food Adulteration in Nigeria
Punishment for Food Adulteration in Nigeria – Photo Source: http://www.authorstream.com

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Have you wondered why the health of many people seems to deteriorate rather faster than what we had several years ago?

Why did our fathers who are advanced in age and grandparents seen to be stronger and do not have a history of battling most of the health challenges our teenagers, young adults, and middle-aged are dealing with?

One of the most likely causes of this is food adulteration. Fake food products and edibles are largely responsible for the increase in people having kidney and liver problems.

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What is food adulteration? Food adulteration has to do with the addition or removal of substances to or from food, altering its natural composition and consequently, the quality.

Adulterated food is injurious to health because of the impurities it contains. Aside from the fact that food sellers adulterate food intentionally because of the profits and financial returns, it is important to know that food adulteration is not always deliberate.

Sometimes it is accidental and this usually results from ignorance or inadequate facilities to maintain food quality, carelessness during packaging, and the after-effect of using fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.

  • Although the most common form of intentional adulteration is color adulteration, there are other kinds of food adulteration such as:
  • dilution of liquid milk,
  • adding melted pork fat into vegetable oil,
  • diluting palm oil with a solution of red food color,
  • Packaging locally made alcohol in bottles of trusted brands, etc.

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Once in a while the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) raids shops and markets across the country, they apprehend a lot of food adulterators who do this basically for the extra income it will bring without giving a hoot about the adverse effects it will have on the people who patronize them.

While this article is something to alert you on the need to be careful about what products you consume, it will give you information on the punishment which awaits people who adulterate food for whatever reason.

Punishment for Food Adulteration in Nigeria

  1. whoever adulterates any article of food or drink, to make such article noxious as food or drink, intending to sell such article as food or drink, or knowing it to be likely that the same will be sold as food or drink; or
  2. Sells, or offers or exposes for sale, as food or drink, any article which has been rendered or has become noxious, or is in a state unfit for food or drinks, knowing or having reason to believe that the same is noxious as food or drink;

Shall be punishable with death, or with imprisonment for life, or with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to fourteen years, and shall also be liable to fine.

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The Consumer Protection Council usually collaborates with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control and the Standards Organization of Nigeria to ensure that fake and adulterated goods are stamped out of the country.

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