How to Start Drinks Business

How to Start Drinks Business is carefully discussed in this article. You will find it both helpful and…

How to Start Drinks Business is carefully discussed in this article. You will find it both helpful and enlightening. Happy reading!

How Profitable is Drinks Business in Nigeria

How to Start Drinks Business
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Rarely do you attend a party without drinks. In Nigeria, a celebration remains incomplete if people do not take in soft drinks. Apart from parties, when you go to the houses of people, they always look for a way to offer drinks if they didn’t have them at home.

The high demand for drinks has turned people into overnight millionaires. We will be sharing this article with you because we are so sure that if you follow all that we write here when next someone is drinking to you, your pocket or wallet will simply get larger.

How is this done? Soft drinks come in different brands and it is very difficult to tell which geographical area likes which as people make their choices based on some factors like health reasons, taste, quality, etc.

This means that if you are going into the business, you need to have all the brands at your disposal. You can venture into the business in various categories like owning a bar which means having the drinks stored in the shop and you have a fridge that you use in dispensing the drinks to customers when they need them.

If you want to venture into the business with little capital, you can simply rent a shop and make it comfortable with chairs and tables for relaxation. The bar will help you to sell a limited number of drinks per day.

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How to Start Drinks Business in Nigeria

Here are the demands on How to Start Drinks Business in Nigeria:

  1. A good and spacious shop
  2. Chairs & tables
  3. Deep freezer
  4. Power Generating set
  5. Sound system etc

Another way you can do business is to become a mobile distributor who distributes the drinks through a transport system to a retailer. This category of people does not necessarily have to own a shop as they could affiliate which shop owners, get drinks at a discounted rate, and supply to the retailers.

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All you need to start the business on this scale are:

  1. A bus or carrier for transportation
  2. Drinks suppliers
  3. Customers

You could also do business by having a depot where the companies come to drop their product at a subsidized price and you resell them to the retailers.

Some people go as far as registering as a distributor with a particular company. When they do this, the drinks are sold to them at a far lesser price and they resell and make huge profits.

The viability of this business however depends on how well you can market your goods and the volume you can sell at a given time.

If eventually, you decide to start the business as a distributor, there are better chances of becoming a stakeholder when you make huge returns for the company you work with, you get some incentives from time to time till you ultimately become a stakeholder in the company.

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In this business, however, it makes a lot of sense if you can combine all the styles of doing the business together and run all of them.

All it would just cost you is extra manpower which you can recover if you get your business right. Employ people and more importantly, get a driver for your mobility needs. You’ll be making passive income when the close of work comes around.

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