What is the First Stage of Drug Addiction

What is the First Stage of Drug Addiction is explained in this article. We hope you find the article helpful, informing, revealing, and instructive.

How Drug Addiction Starts

What is the First Stage of Drug Addiction
What is the First Stage of Drug Addiction – Photo Source: https://thechart.blogs.cnn.com

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The drug is defined by a scholar as any substance, other than food, which, when taken into the system of a living organism, may modify one or more of its functions.

A drug is a kind of chemical which produces some extraordinary effect beyond the life-sustaining functions associated with food.

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A drug can be used to heal, put a person to sleep, for relaxation, and elation, and produce some mystical experience. When a person depends too much on drugs, he or she becomes so addicted to the use of it even without the prescription of medical personnel and this in most cases often leads to the abuse of drugs.

When drugs are totally dependent upon, this often leads to addiction to drugs.

Hence, this article is written to bring to light how the habit of drug abuse begins.

It has been well established that the critical period of drug habit is between the ages of 12 and 25. Drug abuse has not been a common trend in children who are less than the age of 12 although, there have been some reported cases.

The age at which drug is most commonly abused is usually between the age of 15 to 23 when the kids begin to feel that they are of age and can do whatever they like with their lives because at this age, most of these kids are already in the High Schools or University and maturity is “calling upon them.”

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The habit of drug abuse often starts with the process of experimentation and sometimes with peer pressure. The mentality and feeling of being among a circle of friends can mar one’s life as a young especially when his or her circle of friends are so addicted to drugs.

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