5 Benefits of Natural Childbirth

5 Benefits of Natural Childbirth are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it helpful and informative.

Advantages of Natural Childbirth

Health benefits of natural childbirth

Natural birth has several benefits for the mother and the baby.  The process of giving birth can either be done naturally or through several medicalized processes but the best remains the natural birth. The purpose of this article is to explore the benefits of natural birth.

1. Absence of subjection during labor

Natural birth gives the mother liberty or a state of freedom. The mother is not constrained to a particular choice or course of action.

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In natural birth, the mother is not in a state of restraint for instance when an expecting mother is having an epidural, IVs, or continuous electronic fetal monitoring which is not part of natural birth, the mother will be placed on closed examination and even constraint to the bed for some days. Natural childbirth is beneficial as mothers have the liberty to move from one place or position to another after labor.

Also, a mother can simply get to work, cook and socialize after labor. Aspect the freedom of movement, there’s also the freedom to eat the desired meal. The mother can eat any food and swallow it comfortably.

As easy as it sounds if the process of birth is not natural, mothers are restricted to a particular food, and sometimes after labor, they do not even eat or drink their desired food.

2. It helps to prevent  cascade delivery

Natural birth helps to prevent the occurrence of a cascade.

Most times inessential interventions are not needed in natural birth. This unwarranted intervention has the ability to cause cascade interventions and even a c-section.

When the woman is in her natural birth process, it is important to allow the process to move smoothly according to its own pace of time without any unwarranted interventions.

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For example, if the doctor realizes that the expected mother has an epidural which means a situated upon, administered, or placed outside the dura mater, labor in this case begins to move at a lower speed or may indicate a more retard or slacken experience. When this happens the doctor will issue the expected mother Pitocin in order to help her push through during labor.

Pitocin has the capability to generate profound and recurring contractions or constrictions that will likely cause unrest for the expected mother and her baby. This contraction also decreases the amount of oxygen available to the baby.

In severe cases where the baby becomes excessively weirded out, the doctor could advise the mother to have a C-section in order to save the life of the baby. In natural birth, all these complications are avoided.

3. Quick Labour Natural birth is not extended in time

It basically causes little difficulty or discomfort and is often very simple.

When natural birth occurs, oxytocin signifies the uterus starts contracting and allows the brain to deliver endorphins to the body.

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Endorphins are a natural pain terminal. In addition to this, the brain is also notified to discharge oxytocin to the body without interrupting the process or the condition. As the process continues, it gets to its maximum capacity where the expectant mother has to push to have her baby.

4. The baby is not likely to encounter any health risk

When the expected mother has an epidural, it affects her lower body such that she remains in a locomotive position and any unusual movement could result in severe pain.

The use of an epidural can lead to an unexpected fall in blood pressure. This decline in blood pressure indicates that minimal oxygen is supplied to the baby. This can lead to the baby feeling fetal distress and many medical practitioners will suggest a C-section at this point.

When natural birth is not observed, babies feel less active for about a month. During a natural birth, the body and the placenta assist the baby to defeat and remove unnecessary toxins while the child remains in the mother’s uterus.

Another benefit experienced by the child is the quick functioning of the liver. This helps to eradicate the toxins and medications in the baby’s system.

5. Proper breastfeeding immediately after delivery

Natural birth allows the mother to breastfeed her child almost immediately after labor. If natural birth is not observed, the baby may need to drink water or take other supplementary baby foods apart from breast milk. Some mothers find it even hard to extract breast milk and most times the mother may need to take a few days to heal if the birth of the child was not a natural birth before breastfeeding commences effectively.

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Natural birth requires energy as such every pregnant woman should stay nourished and hydrated in order to be able to give birth naturally. Natural birth needs strength and is designed for any woman that has great physical power and ability.

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