7 Ways to Prevent Home Accidents

7 Ways to Prevent Home Accidents are discussed herein. Very young and old persons are most vulnerable to all forms of home accidents.

How to Avoid Home Accidents

Tips on How to Prevent Home Accidents

7 Ways to Prevent Home Accidents
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These accidents include:

1. Suffocation is a great danger to very young children. Children can be suffocated by a soft pillow, plastic pants, or bags.


Very small babies do not need a pillow at all. When they are old enough to use pillows, they should be provided with firm small pillows. Keep plastic sheets, bags, and pants out of the reach of children.

2. Choking occurs when a baby gets an object into his or her nostrils. The child gasps for breath. Also, this can result from the swallowing of hard objects like buttons or eyes from toy dolls, coins, seeds, beads, and other playing items.

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Keep such objects out of the reach of children. Adults especially mothers should have watched over the baby.

3. Poisoning can result from swallowing some household cleaning substances such as bleach or other non-edible substances such as paint.

Since children are likely victims of poisoning in the home such that they may find it difficult to differentiate between kerosene and water until it has been swallowed.


Keep all medicines and pills in a cabinet or cupboard that is out of the reach of children. Keep kerosene or other dangerous things used in the kitchen away, where a creeping baby cannot possibly get at them.

4. Falls can result from highly polished floors, overcrowded rooms, ragged mats or carpets, obstructions such as toys, cleaning materials, and so on. Young children are liable to fall because they do not appreciate the danger.

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Do not put articles that children may be tempted to reach for on high shelves. Stairs and passages in the home should be kept free from obstructions.

All spilled grease or water should be wiped up at once. Children’s rooms should have bars at upstairs windows. See that children are strapped into prams, cots, and high chairs, prams, and a pushchair should have good breaks.

Older children should be taught to be tidy and not leave toys in doorways. Children’s clothing should be kept in good repair, for instance, loose hems, long dressings or nightgowns, shoes, and slippers that are in bad repair can cause falls.

5. Burns and Scalds. Burns are caused by dry heat such as flame or hot iron while scalds are the result of steam or boiling liquid on the skin.


A well-designed kitchen with good lighting will lessen the chances of an accident. Tidiness is very important. The working surface should not be clustered so that there will always be room to put hot things when there have been taken from the cooker.

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When dealing with hot fat or oil, it is important to avoid throwing wet or juicy foods such as tomatoes into the frying pan. Instead, slide it in slowly with a long-handled spoon.

6. Cuts and Bruises. Cuts result whenever the skin is opened, torn, or punctured by such sharp objects as knives, broken bottles, glasses, scissors, or any rough edge.

A bruise occurs when the body is given a blow with sufficient force. The blow may be applied directly or from a fall in which the body strikes against a fixed surface. There is bleeding under the sin without breaking it.


Carefulness and tidiness are important. Objects that are likely to cause cuts and bruises should be kept out of the reach of children. Tins, broken glasses, or rough pieces of wood should never be left lying about either in the house or around it.

7. Fire Accidents can occur in the home resulting in loss of life, injury, or loss of property.


Never put hot ashes in with other household refuse. Always use a metal container for the disposal of hot ashes. Make sure that all electrical equipment including electrical wiring is in good order.

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Take care of all inflammable liquids such as methylated spirit, kerosene, and turpentine. Keep matches and lighters well away from children.

Now, you can prevent any household because children are likely victims of these home accidents.

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