How to Maintain Good Table Manners

How to Maintain Good Table Manners is discussed in this article. We hope this guides you to inculcate impressive table manners.

Good Table Manners for Adults

How to Maintain Good Table Manners
How to Maintain Good Table Manners – Photo Source:

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It may surprise you that maintaining good table manners is not as easy as it looks.

The first thing that you should do is to sit upright at the dining table but do not allow your body to touch the table. Hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right.

The knife can be omitted when eating food that requires no cutting up. In such a case, the fork should be held in the right hand.

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When the meal includes more than one course, remember that the cutlery set out on the table is used in order from the outside towards the inside. For instance, placing a soup spoon before a table knife. When eating takes just food that can easily go into your mouth with the fork.

Do not talk with food in your mouth. Close the mouth when chewing the food. When you sneeze or cough, it is necessary to cover the mouth with your table napkin.

When eating, it is very wrong to be in a hurry rather you should take time especially chewing and sipping water or beverage should be done gently.

It is also wrong to eat and drink at the same time rather you should drink either thirty minutes before meals or thirty minutes after meals.

It is very bad to stretch your hand across the table to obtain anything especially when you are eating with others rather you should request for the thing to be passed to you in due process.

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One vital thing in table manners is that when you want to pause during meals, place the knife and fork across each other on the plate, and when you finally finish eating, place both fork and knife side by side on the plate.

It will make even a waitress know what to do. It is important to note that the cutting blade of the knife should be inwards and the pines or prongs of the fork turned upwards.

It is dangerous to use a knife to put food in your mouth. Use only the fork if the food can be picked up easily but use the spoon if the food is soft.

When eating, remove bones, seeds, or stones from your mouth decently and properly by placing them neatly on the edge of the plate not inside, and do not spread them around the rim of the plate.

Many people unconsciously pick particles of food from their teeth with their fingers. This should be avoided and it is more hygienic to use a toothpick decently with your left hand covering your mouth while you hold the toothpick in your right hand.

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In conclusion, there may be an event that could make you eat outside the house maybe in a restaurant or a party. Be polite to the waiter or waitress and avoid staring at people or even listening to people’s conversations.

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