Causes and Solutions to Rape in Nigeria

Causes and Solutions to Rape in Nigeria
Causes and Solutions to Rape in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is to proffer solutions…

Causes and Solutions to Rape in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is to proffer solutions to this harmful and monstrous act.

Solutions to Rape Crisis in Nigeria

Causes and Solutions to Rape in Nigeria
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Nigeria is a land of peace and comfort despite the many harsh kinds of weather of violence, corruption, terrorism, and crime that the country is facing.

Amongst all that has befallen the country, there is a terrible crime that is committed in the country which if not curbed will lead to serious damage to the country’s image as well as the death of the victim’s self-esteem. This menace is called rape.

However, rape is not limited to Nigeria as other countries still experience the same challenges but as a country, with high decadence, we have to address the situation in other to find possible solutions to it.

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Rape is the act of forcefully penetrating the private part of another person to derive sexual pleasure or satisfaction.

It is a form of having sexual intercourse with a person without his or her full consent, either when the victim is awake, sleeping, drunk, or drugged.

Rape is not a palatable experience to the victims and when caught, it is a regrettable action to the perpetrators of the act.

Oftentimes, the uncontrolled urge to have sex brings about this disaster upon people. The good and bad people in society are often caught in the act of either the victim or offender because when a person is at the wrong place and comes in contact with someone who cannot delay his or her gratification, rape happens.

Women and girls are often the top victims of this crime, no one can dispute that fact and it is not as though some specific qualities or factors sponsor rape generally, the factors vary.

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Causes of Rape in Nigeria

1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

When a person takes drugs, the effects sometimes are the violation of Human rights and this includes rape.

2. Indecent dressing

Many persons have been raped as a result of the dress they put on. When a lady dresses and leaves nothing to the imagination of the heart, such a person is prone to be raped.

3. Bad gangs

A cult member or someone who belongs to a bad gang owes sex to her members unconsciously. At the peak of their emotions, the members may take turns feeding on the lady in the gang sexually.

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4. Use of vulgar or offensive words

Some words people use naturally suggest sex to the opposite sex. A lady who often uses the ‘fuck you’ word indirectly communicates that she needs it and this builds up in the mind of the rapist and he eventually carries out his evil enterprise.

5. Darkness

Oftentimes, when the lights are out, the next thing that comes to mind when a guy is with a member of the opposite sex is sex.

Should the lady or girl not consent to it, he takes it by force. Should rape be kept in Juxtapose with actual sex, you’ll discover that rape truncates the real essence of sex which is meant to be for pleasure and to build intimacy?

However, let it be noted that just like in developed countries, young men too are being raped daily by older women. And rape always should cover both men and women.

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Solutions to Rape in Nigeria

Below are Solutions to Rape in Nigeria:

  1. More Non-Governmental organizations should be established to fight rape and their course should receive the backing of relevant government agencies. They will do better if they know that the government is standing solidly behind them.
  2. Religious organizations should preach the gospel of decency to their followers. You will not be raped if you are not found dressing in a sexually appealing way as well as at the wrong places.
  3. Already, Nigeria has many laws against rape, those laws should be enacted and whoever is caught in the act should be punished according to the law regardless of his or her position in society. This will serve as a warning to upcoming rapists.
  4. Victims of rape should receive adequate support from the government at different levels to help them get justice.
  5. Parents should monitor who takes care of their children. This includes nannies, home teachers, school teachers, religious leaders, and everyone. Remember that no one can be entirely trusted when it comes to rape.
  6. Rape punishments should equate with the offense and there should be a zero-tolerance for rape within the country’s boundaries.

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No solution to any crime lies solely on the shoulder of one person to solve. It is a collective thing. No matter the gospel that may be preached, if individuals do not get up to fight against the crime, it will prevail.

If you catch someone raping another person or even hear of the report, be sure to take the matter to the necessary authorities.

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