How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria

How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This will guide you to…

How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This will guide you to obtain your tinted glass permit in Nigeria.

Tinted Permit in Nigeria

How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria
How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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You are the privacy-loving type. You want to drive your car around without others knowing who is in the car and who is not. Tinted glasses are what you actually need.

But you cannot just get up and start using tinted glasses. These are classified accessories for which you could be arrested and punished by the law.

So you need to register for them. You can obtain permission for all glasses or for just some. Note that a tinted glass license in Nigeria is to be obtained for free.

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Note that some vehicles come with tinted glasses from their country of importation. The government of Nigeria gives owners of such cars ninety (90) days to change the tinted glasses to normal transparent glasses.

A defaulter will be made to pay a fine of N50, 000 or six months in prison, or even both. License for tinted glasses is granted on just two grounds: security and medicine.

On the grounds of medicine, tinted glasses keep away damaging ultraviolet rays which can cause skin cancer. Albinos might be in special need of tinted glasses.

On the grounds of security, some public officials are permitted to use tinted glass cars. Those are the only two reasons you can present.

For anything out of that, you have to obtain a license to do it. But in case you are wondering why you should use tinted glasses, here are some reasons.

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1. Double protection

Tinted glasses are doubly protected from harsh hits from damaging objects. The tinted film does not allow the glasses to shatter when hit by sharp or hard objects. This protects the beauty of your car.

2. Reduce Upholstery fade

Tinted windows stand in between harsh sun rays and the chairs in your car. You can’t afford to let the expensive chair covers and other exquisite furniture in your car lose their glow so soon. Tinted glasses are the best solution to that.

3. Diffusion of solar heat

It can be very hot inside a car when the glasses are all wound up. With good films in tinted windows, some amount of heat is rejected and diffused as much as 40-65%. With this, you can be saved some cost of fueling for air conditioning.

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4. Security and privacy

This is the number one reason folks use tinted films on their car windows. No one on the outside can see anything or anyone on the inside. They can only guess. Even when you park your car and leave it, no one can peep inside.

How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria

The Following are the Guides on How to Register Tinted Glasses in Nigeria: 

  1. Visit the Police website @
  2. An application form template will come out. Fill it out and submit it.
  3. At submission, an application ID will be issued to you.
  4. Log in using the email address you used at the initial registration and the Application ID issued to you.
  5. Fill in a biometric form, inputting the details of the vehicle you want to obtain tinted glasses for.
  6. Submit the completed form and print it out. Take the printed form to a police command for biometric data capturing.
  7. After the biometric capturing, a tinted glass license will be issued to you.

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Drive your tinted glassed car around without harassment from the police.

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