Punishment for robbery in Nigeria as prescribed by law to be meted out on anyone convicted of the crime. We hope you find this helpful.

Punishment for Robbery

Punishment for Robbery in Nigeria
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Robbery is the act of forcefully taking property from an individual or a place. Robbers are people who do this and they are mostly well-armed with guns, sharp knives, or other instruments that could cause physical damage, maim individuals or even result in the death of those being robbed.

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Armed robbery is common in big cities, in places like residential areas inhabited by influential and well-to-do men, banks, and highways for commuters, supermarkets, shopping complexes, malls, and indeed all the places where there are a lot of valuables to be carted away.

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While unemployment and underemployment are the main cause of armed robbery, greed and a desire to live a luxurious and ostentatious lifestyle can make even a comfortable Nigerian venture into armed robbery.

Also, the get-rich-quick desires coupled with lack of contentment on the part of young people is another reason why they indulge in a robbery.

Many social analysts opine that if the problem of unemployment and underemployment can be solved, the rate of armed robbery and other vices will greatly reduce.

The punishment for robbery (whether attempted or the deed in itself) is found in the Robbery and Firearms Act of the Nigerian Constitution.

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Punishment for robbery in Nigeria

The following are explications of the Punishment for robbery in Nigeria:

  1. Any person who commits the offense of robbery, if tried and convicted shall be sentenced to not less than 21 years in imprisonment.
  2. If such a person was in possession of arms and harmful weapons or did the robbery in the company of someone who had arms and during or after the robbery injuries, wounds, maims or kills their victims and the robber will be sentenced to death either by a firing squad, hanging (till certified dead) o as directed by the governor.
  3. Harboring or giving shelter to an armed robber or a gang of robbers is also a crime and a person who does this would spend no more than 5 years in prison
  4. Attempting robbery such as intent to steal with evidence such as illegal possession of firearms in a public place or any harmful weapon which could result in harm or death of those present, the individual when tried and convicted will spend at least 14 years but not more than 20 years in prison.
  5. Conspiring with armed robbers or sharing the proceeds of armed robbery is a crime and whoever is found guilty of it will be treated as a criminal. This means he or she will spend no less than 21 years in prison.

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Armed robbery makes the residents of a place become fearful and dread to make investments or start businesses in a place.

For this reason, businesses that may have brought development to, and create new jobs in a place either fold up or are relocated to a more secure place.

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