Best Fast food companies in Nigeria 

Best Fast food companies in Nigeria are listed and explicated one after the other in this article. You will find this informative.

List of fast food restaurants in Nigeria

Competition in fast food industry in Nigeria

Best Fast food companies in Nigeria 
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In this world where everyone wants to do everything instantly, people are constantly looking for where to get instant relief for all of their needs.

Unfortunately, food is one of the sectors where people are so fast about. Everyone wants to eats food when they are hungry and as a result of this, we result to eating from one of these food vendors who have taken up the responsibility of meeting our need for food.

Most of these companies have become outstanding in their services to people while others have done poorly and this has resulted in their closure.

In this article, we will look closely at some of these fast foods that have served customers well and also provided a good place for temporal relaxation. Some of these restaurants in this article have lived for over 10 years in Nigeria and still counting.

1. Chicken Republic

One of the food companies that have made remarkable impact in the food business in Nigeria is Chicken republic. This company was founded in 2004 and as a result of the taste of chicken and the fair prices that they offer, they suddenly become a household name.

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Chicken republic was generally referred to as the Kentucky Fried Chicken of Nigeria because their quality was almost the same as that of KFC.

The name faded when KFC opened a franchise here in Nigeria. For close to 20 years now, they have retained quality and they are constantly changing the game with the ‘Refuel package’, that is very affordable compared to others.

2. Mr. Biggs

Talk of fast food in Nigeria, Mr. Biggs still remains the first and master of the game. This food vendor started way back in 1973 and was founded by the UAC foods.

Because of the way it delivered quality service and catered for customers by trying to meet their stomach needs in the best possible ways, they grew very fast and became the best in the business.

Up till now, UTC chicken and pies are still among the top notch in the country and they are still spreading like wild fire across the country.

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3. Crunches

With their crunchy and tasty meals, crunches has rapidly become a choice when it comes to the business of foods. It is spread across the country with so many branches.

Their ice creams and cakes cannot be matches with any other in town and to add up their spice, they have a sub outlet that they call crunches plus which takes their optimal performance a step further.

4. Tantalizers

Ever since 1997 when the first location of this great business was opened in Festac town, they have waxed stronger and stronger in the business.

Although they started out with hamburger, but they soon gained the trust of their customers in terms of their meals and other eatables.

Today, Tantalizers happens to be one of the most appreciated brands of eatery in the country with their branches opened across the country.

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5. Food Affairs

Indeed, just like their name implies, they take care basically of everything you can eat for your hunger. They out their feet down when it cokes to excellent customer service and quality service delivery.

Food affairs retains serenity and hygiene in all its branches all over and their children playground seems to be very safe for the children to play around without any fear of being in danger of any kind.

We have looked at the top 5 fast food companies in Nigeria who have changed the scope of how food business is done.

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The companies listed her have stood the test of to!e and although there may be competitors who have risen over the years but when it comes to consistency, you can count on these.

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