Raw Food Stuff Business Plan in Nigeria

Raw Food Stuff Business Plan we explicated here. You can get the guide to starting your raw foodstuff business from this article.

Business proposal for food stuff

Raw Food Stuff Business Plan in Nigeria
Raw Food Stuff Business Plan – Photo Source: http://thebusinessaim.com.ng

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Raw Food Stuff Business Plan is a business structured for relevance in both the local and domestic markets with the sole objective of restoring the nutritious value of raw food and promoting its importance.

Vision Statement for Raw Food Stuff Business Plan 

To produce pure raw foodstuff that can be free from diseases and is a hundred percent natural and pure as the name implies.

Mission Statement for Raw Food Stuff Business Plan 

  • To make raw foodstuffs to be accessible in both the local and domestic markets.
  • To make sure that raw foodstuff is sold in the supermarket directly to avoid the use of preventive measures which could be harmful to the body.
  • To ensure that foods with a chemical that can damage the human body are avoided.
  • To make our price rate accessible and affordable.

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Economic Value

  • To organize conferences on the health benefits of eating raw food such as fruits and vegetables.
  • To provide employment opportunities to people like farmers and trained personnel in the business.
  • To bridge the gap between the raw foodstuff produced on the farm and those sold in the market.
  • To preserve the nutritional values of raw foodstuff minerals that can lead to the development of the human body and help fight diseases and infections.
  • To educate the school children in both primary and tertiary levels on the health benefits of pure raw foodstuff in the development of the human brain example vitamins and other sources.
  • To educate aged men and women that pure raw foodstuff can lead to longevity and healthy living.
  • To encourage the policy of one hundred tree planting in Nigeria and across all the States.

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Our Target Market

  • Supermarkets with packaged raw foodstuff
  • Schools with the planting policy and information bank
  • Hospitals to promote health benefits
  • Executive Ceremonies and occasions to showcase your product
  • Business centers for collaboration and partnerships, etc.

Accounting Records

As one of the leading businesses when it comes to the field of agriculture, raw foodstuff ensures accountability with daily accounting records.

It is done to ensure an effective financial balance to enable the business to have a healthy and robust net profit for the expansion of the business within a long period.

Capital Base

Raw foodstuff is very profitable and requires little or less capital to make the business successful. The capital base depends on the size of the land.

For instance, if the size of land costs about seven hundred thousand Naira (700,000) basically for a start for the purchase of land and the raw foodstuff can be accessibly estimated at one hundred thousand (100,000), with other minor Construction for security purposes with an estimate of two hundred thousand (200,000).

  • Employ Factory Workers,
  • Get NAFDAC
  • Approval to make the business certified

Labour Force

Fifty to twenty workers for a start or more depending on the size of the farm. As this is highly commercial.

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Estimated Income

Raw foodstuff is a very profitable business. This is because these crops or food generally have no chemical or preventive measures which are harmful to the body.


Raw foodstuff is not only a business but an investment to restructure the economy from the level of subsistence to the level of commercial.

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