15 Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria

Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria
15 Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria will be explained in this article. This will guide…

15 Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria will be explained in this article. This will guide you in the right way to invest your money.

Where to invest money to get good returns in Nigeria

Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria
Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria – Photo Source: https://guardian.ng

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Nigeria is a country flooded with vast opportunities for economic activities. Many have taken up such opportunities the country has afforded, yet there are more to be explored.

In a country where there abound many problems requiring sustainable solutions, there is also an endless list of opportunities to amass wealth.

Wealth can be created by offering value, such that meets the needs of people. Nigeria operates a Mixed Economy System where the factors and processes of production and distribution of goods and services are shared amongst government parastatals and the private sector.

This makes it easy for people to comfortably enter and dominate the market for business. There have been cries for lack of employment but even in this, many have turned to embrace the open doors the situation has afforded them.

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Engagement in entrepreneurship is a sure way to create wealth. However, where the avenue to engage actively in entrepreneurship is hindered, many have resorted to the many investment opportunities that abound in the country.

Nigeria is blessed with a robust economy that is growing and constantly being upgraded to meet international standards.

Through several instruments, investment opportunities have been open for individuals to engage in wealth creation.

Investment can be done in two forms: Active and Passive Investment.

Active investment requires the presence of the investor in setting up a business venture or being part of the day-to-day running of a business venture in a partnership or company.

Passive Investment involves engaging the investing power of money to work for you and produce more money. Most passive investment portfolios involve investing your money once and for all, then reaping the dividends endlessly.

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Active investment Portfolios

The Active Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria include:

1. Invest in Buying and Selling of Commodities (Genera Merchandise)

The business of buying and selling brings in profit, by the difference between selling and cost price. At whatever capacity you can start, sell something because we are in a seller’s world. If you must always have, sell!

2. Invest in the Distribution of Goods

There are some manufacturers that from time to time call for distributors for their products, an example of such a company is Nestle – they are always calling for distributors of their beverages, and there is good profit in it.

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3. Invest in Online Businesses

The internet is a big market, especially in the digital age that we are in now. Such online businesses include affiliate marketing

  1. Invest in Oil and Gas
  2. Invest in Agriculture
  3. Invest in local products manufacturing
  4. Invest in Human Development/Education
  5. Invest in Mini-importation
  6. Invest in Rare Goods like pearls/gemstones

Passive investment Portfolios

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The Passive Ways to Invest Your Money in Nigeria include:

  1. Invest in Real Estate
  2. Invest in Networking
  3. Invest in the Nigeria Stock Exchange
  4. Invest in Mutual Funds
  5. Invest in Insurance
  6. Invest in Money Market (Fixed deposits)
  7. Invest in FOREX
  8. Invest in Intellectual Property
  9. Invest in Paper Assets
  10. Invest in SMEs as an Angel Investor
  11. Invest in Bonds and Treasury Bills
  12. Invest in Company Shares
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