Catering Service Business Plan in Nigeria

Catering Service Business Plan in Nigeria is discussed in this article. This is to guide you in starting…

Catering Service Business Plan in Nigeria is discussed in this article. This is to guide you in starting your catering business in Nigeria.

Food service business plan

Catering Business specializes in the business of providing food and related services and other foods professionally for special occasions.

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Catering Service Business Plan in Nigeria
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Own a well-functioning infrastructure, a suitable location and efficient manufacturing, and an online distributing structure. These structures will, in turn, make the business very profitable and effective.

Mission Statement

This business plan should be established with a major expansion anticipated by your objective. This should be a basis for developing professionalism in the catering business.

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The Concept and Nature of the Business

This business deals with providing food and related services which can compete with other market domestic businesses. There should be a good chance of success in the future.

It should have a reasonably good basis for being successful in the future, with favorable development to compete with market choices.

The Business strategy and mission

Ensure the viability of the business and compete with other professional businesses. The objective should be to add value to the catering business.

The Business idea value proposition

Do have superior materials and finds sufficient buyers that would be willing to buy it at a fair price. However, be aware that it takes a good business idea and value proposition to run a profitable business.

Have a well-functioning infrastructure in a suitable location and efficient manufacturing and distribution system. It is likely that the business will remain profitable for a long.

Also, have an appropriate management information system and the duties and responsibilities of the personnel in the business should be well defined.

The way you organize and operate the business is an important factor for your success. Make your service known, Build up its image, and show benefits to users.

Considering selling methodology, in marketing be concerned with assessing the demand for your product, and establishing ways of communicating its attractiveness to your buyers.

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The Expected customers and competitors

The company is sufficiently competitive to get a good share of this market. There are many sources of information to tap in creating a complete picture of your market.


Position yourself in the market, this is dependent on how your business partners and your competitors perceive your materials. A careful proposition will successfully differentiate your business from most of the competitors.

The competitive strategy

  • Demonstrate, where applicable, that you have taken appropriate action to obtain a license.
  • The business should respect important issues of social compliance that are related to the safety and well-being of its employees and the community as a whole.
  • The business should provide development and social benefits to the local community.
  • The risks of image and financial damage to the business from any possible environmental problems should be well understood, and you should comply with laws applicable to safety and the environment.
  • Your major concern should be to ensure the well-being of your employees and the population in the community where your business situates.
  • Workers should be properly protected against accidents/injuries (goggles, earplugs, helmets, boots, uniforms, etc.). Temperature and humidity should be appropriate, and ventilation and lighting should be adequate.
  • Facilities and sites should be clean and hygienic. Workers should be properly protected from hazardous leakage, accidental spills, exposed electrical wiring, moving parts, flying objects, etc.

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Development and social benefits

The business should contribute to the development of the region. It is certainly an advantage to mention these in this business plan:

  • Transfer of technological and management know-how; training and skill development of locals.
  • Value added to local natural resources and products;
  • Local procurement and subcontracting contribute to the stimulation of the economy in the area.
  • Infrastructure/services established by your firm which can be shared by the community (new access roads, new water supply lines, water purification plant, new electric/telephone lines, medical service, school/kindergarten, etc.).
  • Development of products or processes that have a positive impact on the environment (i.e. products and processes that use less energy, fewer material resources, encourage more recycling, etc.).

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Sustainability and Profitability Strategies

A decrease in sales means difficulties in financing fixed costs such as wages, rent, and other overheads.

Positive increases (more sales than) would require more working capital for inventory, accounts receivables, etc.

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