What are the Reasons Behind Hiccups and How Do you Stop Them?

What are the reasons behind hiccups and how do you stop them? These are discussed in this article for your perusal. 

Hiccups can be explained as a sound in one’s throat that is caused by a sudden, uncontrolled movement of muscles or the chest.

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Hiccups occur mostly after meals and this indicates that you have eaten or drunk too much or too quickly such that repeated spasms of your diaphragm are paired with a ‘hic’ sound from your vocal cords closing.

This causes the diaphragm (which is a muscle under your ribcage, separating your chest and stomach area) to move downward when you breathe in and upward when you breathe out.

Causes of Hiccups

1. Hiccups occur when you eat or drink too soon or within a short time. If you must eat at least let your diet be spaced to ensure that there is proper digestion. Eating too soon is capable of causing hiccups.

2. Aspect from spacing your diet at least three to six hours duration depending on your body, it is necessary to eat moderately. Eating too much or overfeeding can lead to hiccups (hic sound). Eat moderately, and eat properly.

Hiccups can also be caused by certain irritations. This is seen as a disease that causes pain to the nerves to keep the diaphragm and this gradually leads to hiccups.

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3. You are liable to have hiccups when you drink carbonated beverages (a drinkable liquid) or even consume alcohol.

4. When you overstress yourself for a long period of time, it can also lead to hiccups. Stress has a negative effect on the body. However, stress could be due to business, or even emotional stress.

5.  When you have the feeling of either fear or excitement. Most people have experienced hiccups, especially in moments where they are overjoyed and extremely happy. The correlation between hiccups and these happy moments may not be justified psychologically but medically.

6. Sometimes when you continuously stretch the neck (mostly beyond the usual), it can lead to a process of simply having hiccup(s). It can be avoided by knowing the limit to which you should stretch your heading.

7. If you consume a drink then it must not be too hot or extremely cold as it could lead to a hiccup. Having a lukewarm drink can be more convenient to avoid having hiccups.

8. Medical professionals have explained that there are certain operations and diseases that can lead to or be viewed as a cause of hiccups. This includes abdominal surgery, strokes, and brain tumors, among others

9. Also breathing noxious fumes is a cause of hiccups as such it is proper to use a mild and non-toxic fume.

Possible Solutions

Having discussed the major and specific minor causes of hiccups, let’s discuss the possible solutions.

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1. Gargling with a liquid

Learn to clean your throat and mouth with a liquid that you move around in your throat and then spit out. In other words, you can hold the liquid in the mouth or throat and agitate it with air from the lungs, this will prevent the hiccup.

2. Fix a cold compress simply on your face preferably on your forehead. It will act as a great relief.

5.  It is popularly known that when an individual experiences hiccups, it is expected that they drink a glass of clean water as fast as possible.

It is the most common remedy for hiccups because it is often assumed that hiccups occur as a result or due to hydration. Drink until you are satisfied and take a break to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

6. Another possible solution to hiccups is to have another person affright or scare you. This is able to place you in a state of shock.

7. Pull hard your tongue but make sure it does not become extremely painful when pulling. Alternatively, you can keep one-half teaspoon of dry sugar (specifically for adults) or corn syrup (primarily for children) on your tongue.

8. You can also take a bite of a lemon. Lemon is a powerful fruit when it comes to tackling hiccups.

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9. Take a deep breath and breathe in and out slowly and steadily. After this exercise, sit and pull your knees to your chest for sixty seconds.


Hiccups can be prevented by not overfeeding and shunning all excessive consumption of a simple diet.

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