Uses for banana peels

Uses for banana peels are listed and discussed in this article. This will provide you with information you probably…

Uses for banana peels are listed and discussed in this article. This will provide you with information you probably did not know before now.

Banana Peels Benefits

Health Benefits of Banana Peel
Health Benefits of Banana Peel – Photo Source:

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Almost everything in nature has its advantages, it is just that most times, we fail to examine the usefulness of nature before condemning it as thrash.

Reading this article will expose you to some facts you didn’t know about the peel of your banana. Banana is almost one of the most common fruits found in Nigeria as well as India.

In Nigeria, banana is found in the backyard or garden of a lot of people in the villages hence, producing so many fingers that can feed the nation but there is always a neglected part of banana which this article is dedicated to. Before throwing the peel of your banana away, please read to the end.

Every finger of the banana is richly endowed with nutrients and carbohydrates. It also has other properties such as vitamin B16, B12, Potassium, and Magnesium.

When the peel of the banana turns black, the sugar content in it usually becomes very high (that’s a fact you probably didn’t know).

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These properties of the banana itself provide the needed mechanism for adequate enrichment of the peel leading the peel to become almost as potent as the main banana. Below are some of the health benefits of a banana peel or better put, how banana peel can become useful.

Banana Peels Benefits

1. Whitens the teeth

If you have brownish teeth, rubbing banana peels on the brownish teeth will help a great deal to whiten the teeth. Often, it is advised to do this at least twice a day, after rubbing, leave the teeth for one hour and afterward rinse your mouth and brush normally.

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If you repeat this process for about a week, you will have clean and whiter teeth without having to spend so much money.

2. Banana peels can also be used to prepare the sauce 

You should know that the peel of the banana contains more nutrition than the banana itself as such, using it to cook or eating it is more advantageous than even eating the main banana fingers.

3. Eliminates Pimples

If you are someone who has pimples all over the face, then you should consider applying banana peels to your face. Take the peels and rub the rough side (the inner part that touches the banana) on your face.

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Do this consecutively for about a week, you will notice that the pimples are disappearing. If you have dark spots on your skin, be sure to use the banana peel until they equally disappear.

4. Removes Warts

Irrespective of the kind of warts that may be on your skin, just place the banana peel for another five minutes, do this a number of times and you’ll soon see warts falling off.

5. Stops irritation of the skin

If you have been bitten by a mosquito or any other bug that is causing irritation on your skin, simply take a peel of a banana and rub it against the affected part and after some time, the irritation will stop.

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Other health benefits of banana peels include; the reduction of wrinkles, healing of Paolarises, etc. Please, note that in order to get a good and maximum result, be sure to avoid storing up banana peels, use them up immediately and if you are eating them, do well to wash them properly before eating.

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