Long-term Side Effects of C-Section

Long-term Side Effects of C-Section are listed and explained in this article. We do hope that you find this helpful and informative.

C-Section Side Effects in Future 

Risks of Cesarean Delivery

Long-term Side Effects of C-Section
Long-term Side Effects of C-Section – Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com

Although Cesarean section is fast becoming a very common type of delivery that serves as an alternative
to the regular vaginal birth, it still carries a great risk for both the child and the mother.

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It remains safer
for babies to be born through vaginal birth because it involves the lowest risk of complications.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the risks associated with Cesarean section are very high, it is high that most
people out of fear dread the discussion of the Cesarean section and some of the risks of a cesarean delivery

1. Infection

During Caesarean section, foreign medical objects or tools are introduced to both the mother
and child, negligence in sterilizing these objects before use could result in infections, and sometimes,
these infections could take the life of either the mother or child or in some cases, both.

2. Injury

Most deformed children we see today were never deformed in the womb. Their deformity is a
result of the cesarean section performed at birth during surgery. Some women have ever had their
wombs damaged as a result of C-Section.

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3. Bleeding

One wrong cut in the body of the child or mother can lead to uncontrollable or excessive
bleeding in both the mother and child and this bleeding could in turn lead to a more serious issue or
death in most cases.

4. Delayed recovery

In the case of vaginal birth, a mother can walk out of the hospital after 24 hours of
vaginal delivery meanwhile, in the case of cesarean delivery, the mother is often advised to stay longer
for a close observation before going home and even after the discharge, the pains are still usually felt for
a longer time.

Difficulty in breathing: this happens in most cases in children who are born through Cesarean

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And the chances increase when the operation is done before the 39th week of pregnancy.
Other risks of Cesarean delivery include but are not limited to:

5. More risks placed upon pregnancies in the future

Sometimes, when a woman gives birth through CS several times, in the 3rd or 4th pregnancy, she is often advised not to get pregnant anymore because it could lead to the death of the mother or child.

6. blood clots

7. Surgical injury to other vital organs of the body

8. Hernia

9. Adhesions as well as other complications that come with abdominal surgery

Medical personnel often advised patients to open up everything to them before the date of their
delivery gets closer so that they can be properly guided and told what to do in case there is a need for
the cesarean delivery.

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The doctors will also try as much as possible to dispel any fear or superstitious beliefs that the patient might have had about the Cesarean section.

Oftentimes, it is in this discussion that the mother is also examined to know if any possible complications may support or oppose the Cesarean delivery of the baby.

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