How to Get First Job in Australia

How to Get First Job in Australia is discussed here. We hope it guides you to get exactly…

How to Get First Job in Australia is discussed here. We hope it guides you to get exactly what you desire. Success to you!

Nigerians in Australia

How to Get First Job in Australia
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It’s a common thing to hear young people say that ‘there are no jobs in Nigeria. This thought has driven a lot of people to search for jobs outside the country and one of their destinations is often Australia.

Australia has a friendly climate condition that easily accommodates the average Nigerian, making it a go-to place in search of jobs to do.

Australia has a wide range of cultures and traditions which makes staying there fun but just like here in Nigeria, if you do not have a job to do, you will not have the chance to enjoy the available opportunities in the country.

Work In Australia

This is why many Nigerians seek temporary or permanent employment in the country. If working in Australia is what you want, you need to fully understand the requirements to work in Australia and that will be provided in this article.

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How to Get First Job in Australia

1. Visit the embassy and get a passport ready for your travel to be made easier

This is the first thing you should do because if the travel opportunity comes, without a passport, you may not go anywhere.

Go early and find out the requirements for a travel passport. The collection of the passport will take between 3 to 6 months.

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2. Log on to, on this website, you will find out the requirements for foreign workers as well as their rules

The more acquainted you are with the rules, the better prepared you will be to adhere to them and since you are going to another man’s land, gathering a lot of valuable information will not be a bad idea after all.

On the site, when you download the PDF, you will also find out some rights and privileges that foreign workers have.

3. Look for a reputable company over there to sponsor your visa

This can only be possible if you are really skilled, but you will need to contact a job recruiter in Australia, the job recruiter will help you look for sound and credible job opportunities and you will pay for his or her services.

Another way you can do this is simply to register for an Australian job online, so many job search sites have been made available for job listings.

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4. If you are a professional in a particular occupation, reach out to the skilled occupation list in Australia

If your profession is listed on the list, you stand a chance of being sponsored or independent work visa. If you have a special interest, you can visit their website at and read the most updated list of SOL.

5. You could also make research on International companies which have offices in Australia and apply to work in their Australian office

You may also want to find out about big multinational companies in Australia and submit your CV online, these multinationals will often time employ foreign individuals for maximum performance.

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6. Apply for a business visa and off you go if you have been called for an interview

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