What is most Effective in Treating Addiction? – 10 Ways

What is most Effective in Treating Addiction? – 10 Ways are listed and explained in this article for your perusal.

How can an individual overcome addiction?

Addiction is capable of damaging healthy brain function, increasing stress and tension, causing a lack of sleep, and affecting one’s self-esteem. This article will be focused on ways to tackle addiction.

1. Acknowledge that there is a problem

Just in research work, the first step is to identify the problem, similarly, if you must tackle an addiction, the first thing is to acknowledge and agree to the fact that it is a problem.

Many who are suffering from one addiction or the other have learned to justify that that addiction is favorable which is wrong. Acknowledge and identify that addiction is a problem if you must overcome it.

2. Consider the reasons for this Addiction

If you must tackle addiction then you must sit down and reflect on the reason for being addicted. Most psychologists have explained that addiction is a secondary reason for a prime action as such there is a primary reason for being addicted. Your addiction could be due to or caused by depression or even anger.

3. Make a daily decision to quit

Quitting an addiction is not a wish or a mere desire but it is a decision. If you are addicted to smoking, wishing to quit can never be satisfactory especially when the desire is more appealing or is intensified by friends. This can be closely resolved by the decision to quit. This decision will keep you in check.

4. Write your decision down

Psychologists advocate that human beings are more accountable for decisions that are written down than words just spoken. In a number of ten 2 can be accountable to their words but when it is applicable to written decisions, 5 in any ten can be accountable to written decisions.

5. Do research about the negative effect of that particular addiction

Knowledge can be a gateway to tackle that addiction. A lot of people who are addicted to one thing or the other have not gotten convincing evidence that that addiction is probably not healthy or has a negative impact on human life while others just justification to this addiction.

This can be simply done by asking yourself how healthy is this addiction concerning the longevity of life or how it affects your life expectancy.

6. Be accountable to someone

Tackling an addiction should not be a personal case especially when the victim keeps going back to this addiction after ‘several repentance’.

The fastest way to do this is to find someone who has previously been addicted to this issue and has been able to tackle it consciously or effortlessly.

These people can experience life experiences or information that can be very useful to you in tackling this addiction.

7. Seek the help of a counselor

This is not quite surprising that the majority of people who are addicted to one issue find it very secretive or even embarrassing to share this information with someone.

You should seek the advice of a counselor who will not judge you but will apply accurate principles to help you overcome this addiction.

8. Have a door note

After seeking professional advice, it is advisable to have a door note. Door notes can be read over a hundred times or less.

This will help your mind to focus on the note and meditate on the door note. It helps your mind to be made up completely and fast.

9. Leave that environment

When you perceive that your environment assists in intensifying that addiction, then you have to leave that environment if you must it must be tackled once and for all.

10. Change your Association and other associates

Instead of coping to change your friends, you have to let go of friends or associates whose aim and purpose is to force you into that addiction over and over again. When you try to cope and daily procrastinate your decisions, this is not a major way to tackle any addiction.


Most additions have primary effects or in other words, they are caused by Stress, uncomfortable emotions, environmental cues, social Isolation, or even mental or physical Illness. Identifying its main cause is a more simple way to tackle that addiction.

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