How to Become an Importer in Nigeria

How to Become an Importer in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on…

How to Become an Importer in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how to become an Importer in Nigeria.

How to Be an Importer in Nigeria

How Do You Become an Importer 

How to Become an Importer in Nigeria
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An importer is a person who brings goods from other countries to Nigeria. Nigeria is majorly a raw material producer. Most of the finished products we consume are imported from other countries.

Nigeria does not have the infrastructure necessary to make it a producer economy; hence so many things have to be imported.

You too can start an importation business in Nigeria and make cool cash from it. In this article, we will show you how to start importing into Nigeria from other countries.

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Before you become an importer, just know that importation of goods from one country to another needs huge capital. So get your capital ready, depending on the goods you are importing as well as the country you are importing from.

If you ask those who are already importing, they can give you some guidelines. Decide on what to import. You cannot just wake up and start importing just anything.

You must choose the particular line of products or goods you want to import. Nigeria is a consumer nation. There are many things one can import into Nigeria.

These include, but are not limited to mobile phones, shoes, clothes, perfumes, canned meals, non-tropical fruits, books, cosmetics, hair accessories, electronics, etc.

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Here are the Guidelines on How to Become an Importer in Nigeria:

1. The first thing you need to do before you start importing into Nigeria is to do a market survey.

You need to conduct an inquiry into the Nigerian market to know if the products you intend to import are in high demand.

You should also endeavor to know potential buyers before you bring in the goods. Apart from doing a local market survey, you should also survey the international market.

Which country makes it most easy to import from? How cheap is the product in that country? Note that some goods are cheaper in some countries than in others.

Nigerians import mostly from China, Dubai, the United States, etc. After doing a market survey, you need to obtain travel documents from the Nigerian government.

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2. You need a valid international passport and the visa of the country you will be importing from if you intend to be traveling there.

What you have to do next is to register your business. Business registration in Nigeria is handled by the Corporate Affairs Commission.  This makes your business valid and recognized by the government.

3. Get the things necessary for an overseas traveling

Change your money from your local currency to the currency of the country you are importing from.

4. Obtain your flight ticket

It is good if you can travel with someone who is well-versed in the business. However, if you do not want to travel overseas to buy goods, you can still import things from the comfort of your room. This is called mini importation.

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With this, all you have to do is to order products from online shops. Pay for the products and specify the country of importation. Your goods will be delivered to Nigeria. This method is cheaper and safer.

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