Ways to Prevent Home Accidents 

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How to prevent common accidents at home

Ways to Prevent Home Accidents 
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Accidents occur mostly in the home and lead to illness and injuries. This article will focus on the prevention of some accidents that occur in the home such as Slips, Trips and Falls, and Burns and Scalds.

The Ways to Prevent Home Accidents are listed and explained below:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are very common accidents in the home. There happens when water, grease, or peels on the floor are not cleaned up immediately.

Floors must always be kept clean and clear. Pots, pans, and small tools and equipment should not be left cluttered especially on the floor.

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Prevention of Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, Trips, and Falls can be Prevented by observing the following precautions;

Clean up spills immediately after they occur. Keep floors and access routes clean and clear. Wear flat shoes and sandals, and avoid slip-on and open-toe shoes.

Store items properly, and do not leave items carelessly. Plan kitchen area properly, paying particular attention to young people in the home especially children who tend to play excessively.

Ensure adequate lighting. Make sure the kitchen is spacious to operate safely. Have two doors in the kitchen area designated ‘in’ and ‘out’.

To reach equipment stored at heights above the worker, use safe access equipment. The floor of the kitchen must be dry at all times.

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Burns and Scalds

These are wounds caused by hot objects or liquids. There form swellings and blisters. Burns are caused by dry heat such as direct contact with cookers, hobs, ovens, hot dry objects, or even open flame.

Scalds are caused by steam, hot liquids, and chemicals from boiling water, household cleaners, paint strippers, and caustic soda.

Prevention of Burns and Scalds

The prevention of Burns and Scalds has the following measures; Do not roll up the sleeves of jackets and overalls. There should rather be rolled down.

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Aprons should be worn at a sensible length to avoid starting up a fire. Never handle hot utensils with the bare hand, use a good thick dry cloth that has been folded into layers.

Do not use a wet cloth to remove food from the burner or oven to avoid raising steam which can cause scalding. Use oven gloves to remove food from the oven.

Handle trays containing hot liquids for instance gravies from roasts should be handled with care. Handles of pans should not protrude over the edge of the stove as this can be knocked down.

Never add extra kerosene when the stove is still on. Handle large full pans carefully to avoid spills. Handle certain foods with extra care when applying heat to them, for example, take care when adding cold water to boiling sugar while making caramel.

Avoid splashes when frying. Dry out water from food before putting them in hot oil. Turn off steamers before opening them. Keep your face away to avoid splashes when frying.

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In conclusion, Slips, Trips, Falls Burns, and Scalds are accidents that occur mostly in the home, especially in the kitchen. The kitchen should be planned properly and not crowded with properties or kitchen utensils.

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