FirstBank of Nigeria Salary Structure

FirstBank of Nigeria Salary Structure will be listed in this article. Also, the staffing system in FirstBank will…

FirstBank of Nigeria Salary Structure will be listed in this article. Also, the staffing system in FirstBank will be reflected here.

FirstBank Salary Structure

First Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure
First Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure – Photo Source:

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Just as the name implies, First bank is one of the leading banks in the country. It was established even before Nigeria got its independence from British rule and has since then been basking with lots of results to show for its many years of existence.

FirstBank amongst other banks in Nigeria has a vision of being the clear leader and the first choice when it comes to banking. They are determined to provide the best financial services ever in history.

This vision has paved the way for them to be nominated severally for lots of awards which include but are not limited to ‘Nigeria’s best bank’ an award they collected five consecutive times amongst others.

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Despite the achievement of any enterprise seen by the general public, if you want to know whether the company is doing well, ask its employees. FirstBank is a worker-friendly bank as the remuneration of the staff duly reflects this statement.

FirstBank amongst other sister banks has a reputation for prompt payments of salaries and great reward systems.

The staffing system in FirstBank is under specific categories, in this article, we’ll be taking a peek at some of them and how much they take back home every month-end from the bank.

First Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure

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1. Graduate trainees

When a newbie is employed in FirstBank, he or she is expected to undergo training that will get him or her acquainted with the norms of the bank. This training is compulsory regardless of whether the person has been a banker elsewhere or not.

During this period when the person is still undergoing the training, the person still gets paid a sum of 58,000 Naira for a start as long as the training lasts.

2. Entry-level staff

After the training, the person is now regarded as a staff and thus, given some responsibilities in the bank. It is at this time that the person is seen in the banking hall carrying out specific assignments within the bank. At this point, FirstBank pays the sum of 120,000 monthly with periodic allowances.

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3. Loan Officers

These persons are middle managers in FirstBank. They are in charge of loan disbursement and retrieval.

It only takes a person who has worked with the bank for quite several years to occupy that position and when you get there, you are paid up to 420,000 Naira monthly with some other mild allowances to suit your position.

4. Credit Analysts

This is a big position at First bank because of the responsibility attached to the job position. Credit analysts earn a big sum of money which sometimes equates to the manager’s sum. In FirstBank, you’ll find a credit analyst earning up to N600,00–N720,000 naira worth of money.

5. Bank Manager

These are like the CEOs of the bank. They are rarely seen in the banking hall because they have a big office to be in and on most occasions, they are attending a meeting outside the state of residence of the bank.

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Just as big as the responsibilities may be, there are a lot of benefits of being a branch manager in Firstbank because a branch manager gets allowances such as an official car and house, travel allowances, and another petty bite into the company’s profit at the end of the year especially if his branch made the greatest turnover. They earn a salary of up to 920,000 Naira.

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