What to Say when Sending Condolences

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What to Say when Sending Condolences

What to Say when Sending Condolences
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When people close to us lose their loved ones, we are always looking for ways to bear a bit of the weight of their grief by showing sincere concern.

One way to do this is to pay them condolence visits, spend some more time with them and offer a shoulder on which they can lean.

Another way to do this is to send a condolence letter especially if you are so far away from the bereaved friend or for some reason cannot make it to your friends when they need you the most.

Many people pick up sympathy or condolence cards from shops or from the internet and that is a pretty easy way to go.

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But a personalized condolence letter is often more potent than a generalized one from a card shop. This is why we have taken the time to write this article which would be a guide just in case you have to write a condolence letter.

The first question to answer is, who should write a condolence letter? Condolence letters should come from very close relatives, friends, or neighbors of the bereaved.

A study shows that letters from doctors and medics caused the grieving people more pain than relief.

It is important to be a person who has been involved in the personal life of the individual who lost a dear one before you consider writing a condolence letter.

The next question is, when should a condolence letter be written? A condolence letter should be written and sent in the first few weeks after the death of your friend’s loved one.

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It is not good to send your condolence letter many months after the grieving friend has begun to move on. That will be synonymous with opening fresh wounds and consequently, slowing down the healing process.

How to Write a Condolence Letter

When you are certain that writing a sympathy letter is not out of place, the next question will be how to go about it. Here are some tips which you would find helpful:

-Handwritten condolence letters will leave more positive effects because more than 95% of people now use their computers to type letters or simply send emails. A handwritten note will surely touch the bereaved more.

Mention the deceased by name and do not go about using figurative expressions as though you want to encrypt the loss. Talk about the one time you met them or the best memory of them you have held dear since knowing them.

– Offer to help in a particular way such as “if you need someone to help with your laundry this weekend,

I would be there” or “I can bring your family soup to last for a week” or “send me a shopping list, let me get groceries for your family.”

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Experts have warned us to refrain from telling grieving families and friends to call us if they need something, instead, we should state-specific areas in which we can come in and help.

– End with a strong wish and positive thoughts such as “I can always be a shoulder to lean on”, “You have my undivided support”, “I am thinking about you” etc.

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