National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency

Functions of National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency

National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency and functions are listed in this article and we hope you find it informative.

Functions of NESREA

Functions of National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency
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This is an agency focused on the environment it is a recognized agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria. It was formed and established according to the Nigerian Constitution on the 30th of July, 2007 to make sure that the environment within the geographical area of Nigeria is clean and healthy enough for all Nigerians.

The Agency is a vital angle or sector of the Federal Ministry of Environment, it operates within the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and it is spearheaded by a Chief Executive Officer who is also the Director-General of the Agency in the person of Professor Aliyu Jauro, however, the Minister responsible for the agency is the person of Minister Suleiman Hassan.

For as long as the agency has been in existence, it has achieved a lot of things when it comes to environmental health and safety as well as ensuring that the masses comply with environmental regulations.

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The agency has adequately monitored and adequately enforced environmental compliance as well as enacted several regulations that have to do with environmental protection, monitoring environmental compliance, and enforcing actions.

What the agency stands for is to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment across the country. The agency has its corporate headquarters in The Federal capital territory. The official website of the agency is

The strength of the agency is gotten from the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency Act which empowers NESREA to be accountable for making sure that all the environmental laws, guidelines, standards, policies, and regulations are strictly adhered to.

They also enforce compliance with the provision of international, agreements, conventions, protocols, and treaties of which the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a Signatory.

The agency also has the responsibility of protecting and developing the environment, conservation of biodiversity, and sustaining the development of the natural resources of Nigeria in whole and environmental technology which includes coordination and connection with appropriate shareholders both in and outside Nigeria as regards issues of enforcing environmental standards, rules, laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies.

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Functions of NESREA 

Here are some of the Functions of NESREA:

  1. They make sure that guidelines and legislation on viable ecosystem management, conservation of biodiversity, and the development of natural resources in Nigeria are adequately followed.
  2. They inspect the environment and create a statistical bank on regulation and enforcement of standards of the environment apart from the oil and gas sector.
  3. They make the public aware and also enable environmental education on viable management of the environment, sponsor compliance with environmental regulations in the private sectors apart from the oil and gas sector, and publish overall scientific or other statistics as a result of the performance of its functions; and also carry out any other activities that are important and necessary for the ultimate performance of its duties.
  4. They stop and warn against the use of equipment and machinery or technology that can damage or undermine the quality of the environment.
  5. They carry out a follow-up on the field of compliance and the standards that have been set and also take necessary steps that are allowed by the constitution against anyone that violates the laws.

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With the establishment of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in partnership with the relevant lawmaking agencies, they create mobile courts to quickly deal with those who violate environmental regulations whether individual or corporate.

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