How to Become a GOtv Agent in Nigeria: 5 Simple Ways brings to your perusal the necessary guides on how to become a GOtv Agent.

How to Become a GOtv Agent 

How to Be a GOtv Agent:

  1. Apply to GOtv
  2. Get trained by GOtv
  3. Get a good location
  4. Get a business card
  5. Promote your GOtv business
How to Become a GOtv Agent in Nigeria: 5 Simple Ways
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In this era of digital streaming, many pay television platforms have risen up. GOtv is one of them. Owned by Multichoice Nigeria, GOtv is the fastest-growing pay television platform in Nigeria.

It deploys a new digital terrestrial broadcast technology called DVB-T2. GOtv is not used in Nigeria alone, other African countries make use of GOtv too.

GOtv is very affordable and this makes it highly sought after by low-income earners. As cheap as it is, it offers many exciting international and local channels.  And for these reasons demands for GOtv bouquets are on the rise.

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You can avail yourself of this opportunity and make some income for yourself. Before you proceed, you need to know who an agent is.

Basically, an agent is a person who is entrusted with the business of another. His job is to sell goods or services on behalf of another business. As a GOtv agent, you will be responsible for selling GOtv packages to customers around you on behalf of Multichoice.

How to Become a GOtv Agent:

1. Apply to GOtv

Locate a direct GOtv branch office in your locality. Notify them of your intention. You will be screened and confirmed trustworthy. Your details will be taken and from there you can proceed to the next stage.

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2. Get trained by GOtv

GOtv will give you some training on how to operate successfully as an agent. Practical and theoretical training will be given to you to equip you for the job, from how to fix the GOtenna to how to subscribe to the decoder. You should ask some questions about whatever thing you do not understand about the business.

3. Get a good location

You have to identify a strategic location for your office. It should be accessible to both the company and the potential customers. Your business outlet should be situated where the demand for GOtv packages is high.

4. Get a business card 

You need to obtain a business card that bears your full name, contact details, and business address. The business card should also identify you as a GOtv agent.

You can include it on the card the GOtv logo. A business card authenticates your dealership. It shows how serious you are with the business and makes it easier to reach you.

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5. Promote your GOtv business

It is needful that you let people know what you do. To be a successful GOtv agent, create awareness about the goods and services you offer.

There are many ways to advertise your GOtv dealership. Television and radio announcements are good ways of reaching out to potential customers. Local newspapers and magazines also help in promoting your business.

Do not underestimate social media. You can create a post about GOtv products and services and have your friends share them. You can decide to share posts from the main GOtv social media pages.

Beyond impersonal advertising methods, you can print flyers and have them manually distributed. The flyers should have your business name, the list of GOtv products and services you offer, discounts you allow on purchases, your business address, etc. Ensure that the flyer looks professional.

Besides, make sure you are well informed about the company before you venture out. You should seek to know about antenna installation and decoder subscription.

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Be conversant with the different packages offered by the company. Get serious with the business and you will end up as a successful GOtv agent in Nigeria.

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