Challenges Facing Telecommunication in Nigeria

Challenges Facing Telecommunication in Nigeria are listed and explicated in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful.

Challenges Facing Telecommunication in Nigeria

Challenges Facing Telecommunication in Nigeria
Challenges Facing Telecommunication in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Communication has been made easy with the advent of science and technology. No doubt, we all are beneficiaries of the goodies that easier communication has brought to our society.

The way it bridges distances and strengthens family bonds when a member has to be away for study, business meetings, or other official responsibilities. These days, we might be so far away from one another but we are still very close- just a dial away.

Like every sector of society, our Nigerian communication sector which is domiciled in the companies has been faced with a number of problems.

These challenges have contributed to the rather poor and epileptic services these companies render and they are an issue at the moment. Some of these problems have been resolved through technological advancement and some others linger still.

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Challenges Facing Telecommunication in Nigeria:

1. Multiple Taxation

Tax is one of the ways every government generates revenue to finance projects that are meant for the public and social good.

But we know that a very high tax on any area of business often becomes a scarecrow for new entrants and does leave the cold-water-on-a-blanket feel for those who are already in the business.

The communications companies in Nigeria are taxed by the federal government, state governments, and in some cases the local governments.

No business will thrive this way. This may also be the reason why their services have become rather expensive for a couple of years now.

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2. Pilfering and vandalism of their equipment

The equipment used for their operations is expensive and needs to be mounted mostly in outdoor places sometimes along with the places where many people are not residents.

Hoodlums have over the years, taken to stealing these properties and sabotaging the service goals of many a communication company in the country. Because this equipment is not easy to purchase and install considering the cost.

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