5 Employers’ Responsibilities to Employees 

5 Employers’ Responsibilities to Employees are listed and explained in this article. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

What Employers Should Do For Their Employees

What Employers Should Do For Their Employees
What Employers Should Do For Their Employees – Photo Source: https://www.irishtimes.com

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The members of any organization are human beings and they should be treated as such. They are not like some kind of special objects that can be used today and thrown away the next day.

Employees work better when there are better working conditions and benefits for them. The human resources of these individuals who work with them.

Every company must therefore devise means to maximize the performance of every employee on their payroll. In this article, we will explain some things that every employer of labor is expected to do for their subordinates.

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What Employers Should Do For Their Employees:

1. Health service programs

It is known already that health is wealth. It takes a very healthy employee to deliver quality services on the job and to perform at optimal mental health.

Keeping every employee in an organization fit is the legitimate duty of every organization. It is expected of every organization to have an adequate and comprehensive health policy both in the private and public sectors.

The essence of the scheme is to help the workers of the establishments to receive medical help and attention in times when they really need it.

The establishment may not be obligated to take responsibility for the total treatment cost but taking part in the cost is a required essential for them.

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2. Staff training and Manpower development

It is very important to know as an establishment that the performance of your staff is very dependent on what they know about your establishment’s objectives.

It is, therefore, necessary that every establishment trains their staff to make them up to the task with the work for which they are employed to do.

3. Induction course

When a new person is employed in an establishment, it is of great necessity that they are duly inducted into the system through a series of induction programs that would expose the new employee to the standard operating procedures of the company.

4. On-the-job-training

This training is introduced to the worker as he begins to settle down in his job. By now, the newly employed person is already up to date with what is expected of him but the organization needs to train him more on the job to ensure that he improves more and more on a daily basis.

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5. Safety or Accident prevention programs

It is of great necessity that the employers of labor take a very major concern in the safety of the employees in their organization.

This means that the establishment must have a sensitization program for employees to guide them against any kind of accident in the workplace.

6. Annual leave

Employees always feel good and respond positively when they know that they are entitled to annual leave. Government agencies are already leading in this aspect.

Every organization should imbibe the culture of giving its employees some annual leave from time to time to help them to function properly.

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5. Sick leave

Most organizations in the 21st century work with humans as though they are working with robots. When an employee is sick, sick leave should be granted to him to enable such an individual to take time off to rest so that he can recover as fast as possible.

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