Process of Acquiring Land in Nigeria

Process of Acquiring a Land in Nigeria
Process of Acquiring Land in Nigeria will be explained in this article. This will guide you to tour…

Process of Acquiring Land in Nigeria will be explained in this article. This will guide you to tour the legal lane.

Steps involved in land acquisition

Process of Acquiring a Land in Nigeria
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The earth has more land than the whole world would be able to occupy even in a thousand years to come.

It is just that we cluster around a small portion of land made available just because development has penetrated the region.

It is only when every one of us decides to take up our heritage and acquire lands for development that all lands will be developed accordingly.

Lands, being a great commodity does not just belong to people. They have to be acquired from an original owner.

In Nigeria, all lands belong to the government but are occupied by individuals who aid in its development. To acquire land, there are various ways in which that can be made possible.

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Process of Acquiring a Land in Nigeria

Here are Explanations of the Process of Acquiring a Land in Nigeria

1. Settlement

Back in the ages, people got claimed ownership of lands that they settle on. It is recorded even back to biblical days when Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, etc. traveled and stopped at a place, they automatically claimed it as an inheritance.

In the case of a settlement, you do not have to pay anyone any amount of money, you just have to dwell in the land and it becomes yours.

This is not common nowadays but almost all of the lands in the villages were acquired originally through this medium.

2. Through Victory

In the recent past, lands were obtained when particular people go to war to fight and if they defeated their opponents, they claimed their lands.

This medium of land acquisition is still common in some rural parts of the country though it is not on a large scale.

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3. Grants are another Process of Acquiring Land in Nigeria

When a person is on a good course that requires land, some community gifts land to that person to enhance his course.

This is often done sometimes without a written agreement and just a mild memorandum of understanding. The person who has been given the land then occupies the land and can do anything with it because he owns it.

4. Inheritance

This is still very common in Nigeria, parents who own lands share it as an inheritance to their children before passing it on.

The children do not have to go through any legal procedure to gain it, they just occupy it by inheritance.

5. Purchase

This is what is common these days and will dwell here a little because it is the most possible way to acquire land. This is the process of exchanging money and other valuable things for the acquisition of land.

This action requires some specific adherence to the law as stated in the land use Act of 1978. But it is only in a few cases that these laws are followed accordingly.

Most communities in Nigeria have certain meetup requirements for the acquisition of lands to be made possible.

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These are the few things commonly done:

1. Search for the land of choice that is within the reach of your pocket

This can be done easily with the aid of a land agent. The land agent is someone whose job is to search for lands and match them up with a potential buyer for a commission of 10% – 20% (depending on the person) of the cost of the land. Upon finding land, thoroughly investigate the ownership of the land to be sure that the person claiming the land is the real owner. Don’t fall victim, there are a lot of scammers that will sell off other people’s properties and make you spend unnecessarily.

Buying land is something that could land you in court if not properly done. For a land purchase to be done without any setback, make sure that you have a lawyer who knows his onions by your side throughout the purchase. He will understand some things better than you will.

3. Get a Certificate of occupancy

If the original holder of the land did not get a certificate of ownership, you may have to do it yourself. Your lawyer will be very helpful in making the process a little faster.

4. Get a document of transfer

Some people who want to sell land do not even know that they should prepare this document. If that is the case, the buyer should prepare it and make sure it is properly understood and signed by both parties in the presence of witnesses and a lawyer.

5. Settle everyone concerned with the land

In Nigeria, some generate income when a land purchase is made. You have to settle them, settle the village heads and Paramount rulers (if need be) you may even be surprised that you have to settle even the street boys. This may seem unlawful but never forget that you’ll be living amongst them.

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6. Register your land with relevant government agencies and,

7. Secure your land so that it is not stolen.

Follow these simple guidelines and you are on the go. Congratulations!

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