6 Factors Affecting Migration

6 Factors Affecting Migration are listed and explained in this article. We hope you find it informative and able to satisfy your research demands.

Factors Affecting Migration

Factors Affecting Migration
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There are so many reasons that account for migration, the reasons cannot be exhausted in full because migration has to do with humans and as long as humans are concerned, their reasons for doing or not doing things cannot be fully comprehended.

Below are the Factors Affecting Migration:

1. Natural disasters

Because of some disasters that occur naturally such as floods, famines, drought, and earthquakes, people tend to migrate out of one place to another.

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2. Physical conditions

Most persons are allergic to some physical conditions of some places such as climate and soils, and in the quest for relief, they often opt for migration especially in cases when they see no end of the situation insight

3. Insecurity

Some places are becoming so unsafe for people to dwell, everybody wants to be safe from danger, and as such, no one will live to like close to places where there is a threat to security.

For example, in the Northern state of Nigeria, a lot of people are leaving their hometowns to other safer regions in the country because of the insurgency level there.

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4. Differences in economic opportunities

Some economy favors some businesses than others and as a result of these, people tend to migrate to where there are more economic opportunities like jobs and business transactions so that they can make more money and stay relevant.

5. Changes in status

Change in status, e.g. a high level of education and wealth, or marriage could make people migrate, e.g. from rural to urban centers which would befit their status.

6. Differences in social amenities

People want to be only in places where there is water, a good road network, electricity, and other social amenities, and owing to differences in the availability of these things, people usually move to where these amenities are present.

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Generally, the major reasons for migrations could be generalized to be for personal benefits because, it is either someone is migrating for safety, business, education, holiday, vacation, health reasons, marriage, relationship, finance, religious course, etc.

There are just a lot of many causative factors surrounding migration and migration will continue to happen because everyone desires peace and safety wherever they may be in the world.

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