Importance of Culture in Nigeria

Importance of Culture in Nigeria will be treated in this article. We hope you find it both enlightening…

Importance of Culture in Nigeria will be treated in this article. We hope you find it both enlightening and helpful. Happy reading!

What are the Importance of Culture 

Importance of Culture in Nigeria
Importance of Culture in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Culture is the collective term for the pattern of life of a populace or group of people, which encompasses their norms, beliefs, and values. Culture apart from geographical boundaries is the nonphysical demarcation between people living together.

For instance, two or three minority Nigerian ethnic groups might be sharing a State, yet it is still easy to see a clear-cut demarcation in their values, beliefs, and norms.

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With over 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria is a multicultural country just like many other countries in the world. It is unfortunate that Nigeria, rather than utilizing the cultural capital locked away in the different tribes and ethnic groups, has allowed the differences to be a cog in the wheel of national progress because the various ethnic groups are fully charged with hate and discrimination against the others.

As the years go by, our acclaimed unity in diversity is fast becoming a mirage and sadly, our leaders seem to be leveraging this.

As xenocentrism (i.e an individual’s preference for the products and styles, or ideas of someone’s culture rather than of one’s own), the need to remind ourselves of the importance of culture to us as a people is becoming more and more important. This article will therefore answer the question, why is culture important in Nigeria?

Importance of Culture in Nigeria

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Below are the Importance of Culture in Nigeria:

1. Culture is what preserves our heritage

Our heritage has been passed down by many generations before us. Without culture and its various elements such as dressing, language, tribal marks, food, etc. we will have no heritage to show the world our roots.

Our ancestors in the older generations did well to pass down our heritage through oratory and symbolic festivals, otherwise, we will know nothing about heritage and roots.

2. Culture has the potential of increasing our earnings from tourism

Fun travelers and tourists from all parts of the world will not only love to visit cultural museums where ancient paintings and artwork are preserved, but they will also pay for the visit.

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Our multi-ethnicity leaves us with a lot to show off, from masquerades to shrines and natural features that are symbolic of our culture.

Nigeria has a lot to gain if she can invest in culture for the purpose of growing our tourist attractions and consequently its revenue from tourism.

3. Culture can create a vent for stress relief through the recreational activities it brings during festivals

After having a hectic farming year, the new yam festival for instance is something that can help a yam farmer, his family, and friends, relax.

Wrestling matches for males and dance competitions for young girls are not only recreational, but it also makes for fitness because it is a form of exercise.

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4. Entrepreneurial opportunity: Promoting culture is one way to get self-employed

Year in and year out, people are faced with ceremonies that require them to wear cultural attire. One such is the traditional marriages between couples, in which they have to use traditional neckpieces, fabrics, caps, and headgear.

Traditional bead-making or buying and reselling of beads together with other items symbolic of culture is a way to make a living or have an additional source of income.

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