History of Dana Airline

History of Dana Airline will briefly talk about the History of Dana Air. Reading it will help you…

History of Dana Airline will briefly talk about the History of Dana Air. Reading it will help you become conversant with how Dana air came about.

History of Dana Airline

History of Dana Airline
History of Dana Airline – Photo Source: https://connectnigeria.com

Dana Air is a Nigerian airline based out of Lagos’s Murtala Mohammed international airport and has its headquarters also at Lagos. This article will disclose to you, the history of a leading Airline in Nigeria-Dana Air.

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It was founded in 2008 and since then, has been very active and thus witnessed Vast customer satisfaction in line with its slogan of being “The Smartest Way to fly” even in the face of stiff competition.

A peep into the Past

As challenging as the smooth running of the Airline has been over the years, it is worth looking through the ugly incidences of the Airline over the years and its strides aimed at ensuring more safe travel, thus enhancing customers’ trust and confidence in their service delivery.

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On 3 June 2012, a Dana Air McDonnell Douglas MD-83 operating as Flight 992 crashed into a two-story building at Iju Railway, Ishaga. Everyone amounting to 153 on the aircraft was killed. This led to a temporary cessation of flights following an order by the regulatory agency.

On 7 February 2018, a Dana Air flight landed in Abuja and was moving on the runway when one of the emergency exit doors fell off.

Even though no one died, it raised issues of serious concern which were later put into check by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

On 20 February 2018, a Dana Air MD-83 with registration 5N-SRI veered off the runway at Port-Harcourt international airport during a night landing. There suffered significant damage as there were no casualties. This also raised issues which were also looked into.

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Today, Dana Airlines and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria have worked together with other related agencies to boost the safety of aircraft used for travel. A routine check of aircraft and adequate facilitation of personnel have gone a long way to make this a reality.

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