Solutions to Illiteracy in Nigeria

Solutions to Illiteracy in Nigeria is written to proffer solutions to Illiteracy. This will guide/help in the fight…

Solutions to Illiteracy in Nigeria is written to proffer solutions to Illiteracy. This will guide/help in the fight to reduce illiteracy in the country.

Solutions to illiteracy in Africa

Solutions to Illiteracy in Nigeria
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When a person is unable to read and write, the person is often called an illiterate. Nigeria is a country filled with intellects and creative minds but it is still alarming to realize that after the research study carried out by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Nigeria still has over 90 million people who are termed ‘illiterates’.

Before we go further, illiteracy means a lot of things to a lot of people but for the sake of this article, illiteracy refers to the inability to read and write effectively.

Sadly, even some graduates who have finished their studies at higher institutions of learning find themselves in the category of illiterate.

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There’s been a lot of intervention programs organized to tackle illiteracy in Nigeria but in all of these the eradication of illiteracy has proven impossible as the condition of the people remains the same year in and year out and in a way, illiteracy is also hindering development in Nigeria.

How illiteracy can be defeated in Nigeria remains a puzzling question.  This is why this article is written to bring to light some practical steps to take to make illiteracy a thing of the past.

Solutions to Illiteracy in Nigeria

Here are some result-oriented Solutions to Illiteracy in Nigeria:

1. It all begins in the belief system

The transition from illiteracy to literacy begins in the mindset of the individual who is expected to become literate. Such a person is expected to get determined not to remain illiterate.

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It is the drive to become better that can sponsor results in whatever method one chooses to use to exempt oneself from the stronghold of illiteracy.

You just have to determine to be better in your communication skills, to be able to communicate effectively both in spoken and written words.

2. Information should be made available to all

Illiteracy deforms its victims, it is pertinent that relevant information is within the grasp of anyone that needs it. Thanks to the social media platforms which has made this possible.

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Everywhere a person goes, intentional information that will reform him should be placed there. Places of worship should make it a point of call to educate their members or participants.

The Churches and Mosques should be a place where life-changing information about the world at large can be gotten. It is not enough to believe in a religious view, being able to read and write will aid life the more.

The government and stakeholders in the educational sectors should create more learning institutions with affordable fees and qualitative learning activities.

It is found today that most government schools lack quality teachers even some qualified teachers do their jobs lackadaisically. The ripple effect of this plays on the learners who leave the institutions the same way they had been admitted in.

The same can also be said if private schools value profit over the literacy of people. As far as education is concerned, the more adequate information an individual receives the better the chances to eliminate every trace of illiteracy in the bloodstream of that person.

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In that light, everything should be done to ensure that adequate information gets to the doorstep of everyone such that learning neither becomes a choice but is seen as an integral part of life like it is.

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