Importance of Education in Nigeria

Importance of Education in Nigeria is the focus of this article. This is to remind Nigerians about the…

Importance of Education in Nigeria is the focus of this article. This is to remind Nigerians about the indispensability of education.

Importance of Education in Nigeria Society

Importance of Education in Nigeria
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Education, whether in its formal (within the four walls of a school) or informal (outside classroom settings) form, is that which dispels ignorance and enlightens people.

It is erroneous to think that only those who went to school, i.e. acquired formal education are educated. An educated person is one whose eyes have been opened to rational ways of solving his or her own problems and someone whose mind has been freed from the holds of myths and superstitious beliefs.

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There are a number of reasons why people get educated. Some for the love of knowledge and the prestige it brings, others for the promise of a better life that comes with promotion at work which is directly proportional to qualifications.

This article will highlight the importance of education to Nigerians as individuals and to the nation as a whole.

Education raises Nigeria’s Human Development Index (HDI): The Human Development Index (HDI) is computed with several parameters and the number of educated people, i.e. the literacy level of the people of a country is one such.

If more Nigerians are getting an education, then we are attaining a higher literacy level and that means, a higher Human Development Index (HDI).

Importance of Education in Nigeria

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Below are the Importance of Education in Nigeria:

1. Education increases the knowledge

The price people pay for ignorance is exorbitant. Since education increases knowledge, which in itself is the cure for ignorance, education is important to us, as individuals.

Knowledge acquired can be in diverse fields but ultimately, it is such as can better our lives and makes us more civil citizens of our country, Nigeria.

2. Education brings about socialization

Through education, people get to know the values, norms, and values of the place in which they live. They get to interact with a number of people from lecturer-student relationships (formal settings) or teacher-apprentice relationships (informal settings).

What is most important is that it brings people together and in the process of learning, people can increase their social capital and build interrelationship skills.

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3. Education trains younger experts to take service rendition from aging superiors

While this point is self-explanatory, several examples can buttress it. For instance, more nurses are being trained in universities, colleges of health, and schools of nursing every day, to take up the duties of aging nurses and retired matrons.

Pilots also get trained to do their jobs in aviation schools, doctors in medical schools, lawyers in Universities, and law schools.

Educational training is what people need to be in any of these fields in all the instances stated. Hence, it is clear that education is what Nigeria needs to build a strong team of experts into her workforce for a higher degree of efficiency and productivity.

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Conclusively, education is very important in Nigeria and this is the reason why programs like the school-feeding program of the Federal Government started a couple of years ago.

It was just another effort to bring children into the classrooms and keep them there sufficiently enough to get basic education which would make their lives as young people good and their adulthood, a lot better.

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