5 Steps on How to Start Vlogging for Money

5 Steps to Start Vlogging for Money are listed and explicated in this article. You will find this…

5 Steps to Start Vlogging for Money are listed and explicated in this article. You will find this article enlightening and helpful.

How to Earn from Youtube Vlogging

5 Steps to Start Vlogging for Money
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Vlogging is a way of passing information on social media. Instead of writing articles on a blog, you can decide to make the articles into videos and publish them. That is what blogging is about.

Simply put, a vlog is a video form of a blog. You just record some video about a particular issue and post it on the internet. When you do this often on a particular niche, you begin to gather followers.

Why should you vlog instead of blogging? You may ask. Well, a video will likely explain a point more clearly than a written article, given the gesticulations and facial expressions that attend videos.

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The tone of voice of the presenter as well as the graphics accompanying the motion picture makes it more interesting and encouraging for the viewer compared to the effect of blog articles.

Who can use vlogging? What messages are best conveyed on vlogs rather than blogs? Because a video explains in words and images, you can use vlogging to present cooking tips.

A phonetics teacher can use a vlog to teach her audience how to pronounce words in a language correctly. You can also use a vlog to teach other practical skills; sell your comedies or anything.

A vlog can be opened on such social media platforms as YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc. YouTube is the most popular vlogging platform globally.

It has over 2 billion users. There are many Nigerians in vlogging space with many followers. You too can start by taking the following steps.

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5 Steps on How to Start Vlogging for Money:

1. Decide on a niche

A niche is an area of interest or specialization. You need to decide what you are going to vlog about. Is healthcare? Travels? Fashion? Beauty? Food? Education? Anything. Just choose a niche and be clear about what you want to do or what information you want to pass across.

2. Define your audience

You also need to define your target audience. Who are you reaching out to? Who would most likely benefit from your vlog content? Your knowledge and specification of your target audience will help you tailor your message or video appropriately.

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3. Acquire your tools and skills

Certain tools are needed for vlogging. You need a video-capturing device. You can use a smartphone with smart camera properties.

You need video editing tools. Some of these are on computers and mobile devices and others can be accessed online. You need internet connectivity to be able to post on the internet.

You also need to register on the video platform you intend to use. You might need other props such as hand tools for the skill you wish to teach; good quality graphics or even costumes depending on what niche you vlog on.

The soft skills you need for vlogging include stage confidence, technical know-how, capacity for good expression, and creativity in general.

If you can only generate the content without any intention to appear on the screen, find someone to appear on-screen on your behalf.

4. Create your video

When you have gathered your tools, start capturing your videos. Do not make too-long videos so your prospective followers would not be scared away.

Be clear in your presentation. Put up the best show possible. Use good background music to spice it up. Have your video well edited by professionals if you cannot handle it yourself. Cut out some dispensable parts.

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5. Post your video

Now that your video is ready, post them online. To maintain your followers, you need to post rich videos on regular basis. Advertise your vlog on your other social media pages. Use search engine optimization to enhance the visibility of your vlog.

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