Problems of Personnel Management

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Problems of Public Personnel ManagementProblems of Personnel Management in Nigeria

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The management of personnel both in the private and public sectors in Nigeria has not been as easy as most companies have made it look.

The problems associated with personnel management in Nigeria can be linked to the Nigerian factor. The problems have been there ever since the era of the colonial masters. In this article hence, we will reveal some of these problems to our readers.

When Nigeria still existed under the era of the colonial masters as well as a little more time after we got our independence, those who assumed the office of the personnel management were faced with the situation of having to cope with two sets of cadres which were encouraged by the colonial masters.

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During the colonial era, foreign workers were not a part of controlling the personnel administrators because they were placed on a different scale and treated altogether.

As a result of this, the personnel officer was put in a difficult corner because their Nigerian counterparts used that as a medium to make demands on the management for improving conditions of service.

When Nigeria got her independence, the problems with disparity especially in the public sector were drastically reduced, however, in the public sector, the issue of disparity has still been noticed in the presence of expatriates in multinational organizations.

In organizations like these, we still had situations where foreigners demanded separate and different conditions of service.

These days they even demand to be paid in their foreign currencies so that when it comes to the conditions of service, recognition, and promotion, these expatriates expect and receive far better treatment than their Nigerian counterparts.

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Another problem of personnel management in Nigeria has been a lack of motivation. The personnel in Nigeria generally have received very poor motivation as compared to what is expected from the government and employers of labor.

The workers in Nigeria operate in harsh working conditions, sometimes, the facilities needed to carry out their tasks are not readily available and other times, when a worker deserves to be promoted, he is not given the promotion as when due, or other kinds of motivations that are due to the workers.

In countries like the USA, when a local government worker goes to work consistently for three days, he or she gets three days off from work as a kind of motivation but such does not exist in Nigeria. Workers go to work every day expecting no kind of incentive aside from their salaries and regulated incentives.

The lack of training in the Nigerian workforce is another viper that is eating deep into the system. As a popular saying goes, “you cannot give what you do not have”, we live in an ever-evolving world and the government, as well as employers of labor, cannot expect a worker to improve on his service delivery without proper training.

Sometimes, personnel often opt for some training that might enhance this productivity but the institutions or establishment often complain that they lack the facilities necessary to support or sponsor such training.

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If personnel in Nigeria must improve their service delivery the Problems of Personnel Management in Nigeria which have been listed above as well as other perceived situations must be duly attended to and resolved.

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