Mobile Phone/Laptop Selling Business Plan

Mobile Phone/Laptop Selling Business Plan will be explained here. This will guide people who are interested in or planning to join this line of business.

Assured Phone store is a Business name structured to offer services through the provision of guaranteed phones and Laptop purchase at affordable prices.

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Mobile Phone/Laptop Selling Business Plan
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Vision Statement

  • To sell quality, not quantity products that can be assured and reliable.
  • To develop the business to a stage where phones and laptops suit customer’s preferences and demands.
  • To develop assured business to a stage where demands can be made online with safe delivery.
  • To develop terms and conditions that will be to customer's advantage at the time of purchase.

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Mission Statement

This mobile phone /laptop selling business plan is established with the key objective of expanding the business with new Nokia phones, new techno phones, new Infinix phones, new HP laptops, new Dell laptops, and other new products from most producing countries with an assured guarantee.

The company is precisely located at 65 Redeem street, Ondo State. This town is really suitable as it enhances easy marketing targets.

The secret of Assured mobile phone /laptop selling is the authenticity of our phones and laptops.

Economic Value

a. To create employment opportunities for young people who will act as assured staff.

b. To employ markers who can be entitled to extra salary depending on their weekly sales.

c. To create special offers and bonuses for customers especially during festive seasons such as Christmas, etc.

d. To make provision for an extra sum given as a premium to students which can make our product afforded.

e. To collaborate with the private sector, other governmental bodies, and schools to train corps members and undergraduates as entrepreneurial programs to be awarded phones and laptops.

f. To involve the business in award competitions which will make the business name ‘Assured’ reliable and independent.

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Mobile Phone/Laptop Selling Business Plan

Our Target Market

  • Phones and laptops Marketers
  • Mega shopping mall
  • Engineers
  • software operators and users
  • Online Purchases
  • Business operators using laptops
  • Public through buying and selling
  • Schools
  • Business centers
  • Corporate bodies, etc.

Accounting Records

The assured business ensures accountability with daily accounting records to avoid business fault and erroneous documentation.

It is done to ensure an effective financial balance to enable that our business has a robust net profit for the expansion of the business within a short period.

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Capital Base

Business is very profitable but it requires proper managerial principles, to make the business function effectively.

My capital base is required depends on the expansion level of the business. The cost of phones and laptops to equip a place for business worth over a million Naira since these products are exported from different manufacturing countries across the world.

Labour Force

Two to four sales personnel are required for a start with greater employment of marketers.

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Estimated Income

Assured business is a very profitable business venture with a huge profit margin.  Since these products are exported, the business has to influence a price that will cover up the Tariff system which is government-imposed duties levied on our imported product. This is paid to fulfill a list of such duties, or the duties themselves.

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