Importance of Fishery

Importance of Fishery in Nigeria
Importance of Fishery in Nigeria. This is to bring to your perusals the many benefits of fishery in…

Importance of Fishery in Nigeria. This is to bring to your perusals the many benefits of fishery in Nigeria. We hope you find the article helpful.

Importance of fishery in Nigeria

Importance of Fishery in Nigeria
Importance of Fishery in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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The fishery is a controlled human effort aimed at catching fish or other aquatic species that are domiciled in a particular eco-region.

The fishery could be about a particular type of fish and it is mostly done in marine and not freshwater bodies.

Out of the 36 States in Nigeria, 9 of the States (in the Southern region) have water bodies yet she has to import fish because we are unable to meet the daily demand and consumption percentage needed by the population.

Importance of Fishery in Nigeria

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1. Healthy source of protein

Fish unlike beef, mutton, and pork, is not red meat and it is a lot healthier. Medical doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians often advise their patients to eat more white meat like fish, instead of red meat to prevent health complications, especially for the aging group or oldies.

Fish also makes a source of cheap protein for poor Nigerians who make up a larger percentage of the populace.

Also, fish contains a lot of minerals and vitamins especially vitamin D which is particularly beneficial to children because it prevents rickets in children.

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2. Used for non-food products

Aside from fish for food and consumption purposes, different parts of fish are used for medicine, glues, perfumes, cosmetics, and paints.

This means that fish serves as one of the important raw materials for beauty products, pharmaceuticals, and glue-making industries.

3. Jobs for the illiterates and uneducated

Artisanal fishing by local and traditional fishermen has served as an employment port for quite several people, especially those living in areas where there are one or more water bodies.

With the use of local indigenous fishing techniques, artisanal fishing has been able to supply a good percentage of the fish consumed in the country, while being a source of income for the fishermen.

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4. Development of the agricultural part of the economy

Investments of the government in the fishery will contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector, a part of the economy whose development has more recently become a singsong because of the necessity of economic diversification that global economic reality has opened our eyes to.

If the fishery is given adequate attention, the amount spent on import can be channeled into other development programs and with time, Nigeria will begin to export fish and generate revenue from the foreign exchange.

5. Recreation

There is what is called, fishing for sport or recreational fishing. This has to do with fishing is done mainly for fun, pleasure, and relaxation.

In most cases, a group of fishermen fish for a specified time, and the person who makes the largest catch gets some recognition or reward.

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It is more like a competition and it is recreational. It is something that could give both the fishers and the spectators a place to have fun and relax.

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