5 Functions of Bureau of Public Procurement is meant to inform you about BPP and its strides aimed at realizing its mandate.

Bureau of Public Procurement

Functions of Bureau of Public Procurement 
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The Bureau of Public Procurement was established by the Public Procurement Act of 2007 to serve as the national regulatory agency vested with the mandate of monitoring and overseeing public procurement in Nigeria.

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Functions of the Bureau of Public Procurement 

The Bureau of Public Procurement was established to perform many functions as outlined by the procurement Act. Some of these functions include:

1. It helps to create a synergy between the different existing policies of government and practices on public procurement to ensure a high level of integrity, accountability, and transparency in the procurement process

This is done to ensure a more coordinated practice in public Procurement.

2. Laying down pricing standards and benchmarks is yet another key function of the Bureau of Public Procurement

This is done to ensure safe practices in public Procurement while paving the way for uniformity in public Procurement operations.

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3. It ensures the application of fair, transparent, competitive, value-for-money standards and practices for the procurement and disposal of public assets

It is a major task of the bureau of public procurement to ensure that there is a level playing ground for all bidders in Nigeria. Also, it endeavors to make sure that all buyers receive value for their money through a standardization system aimed at ensuring that.

4. General Oversight and supervision of Public Procurement

It is a major responsibility of the Bureau of Public procurement to oversee and also supervise the activities of all involved in public procurement. This is to ensure compliance with standards as were laid down.

5. Advising the federal government on issues of public procurement

Being the agency that oversees public Procurement in Nigeria, it also ensures that government policies are geared at upgrading the status quo of the sector while issuing professional advice to the government on steps to be adopted towards making this a reality.

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The Bureau of Public Procurement since its inception has played a great role in ensuring a level playing ground for public Procurement in Nigeria. Its strides aimed at mandate delivery over the years are commendable and are worth emulating.

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