Functions of Nigerian Export Promotion Council

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Functions of NEPC

Functions of Nigerian Export Promotion Council
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Nigerian Export promotion council popularly called NEPC was set up primarily to assist exporters in the course of exporting goods.

Its major duty was to set out procedures for export trade. The council also assists in assessing the performance of Nigeria’s export communities in foreign markets.

It may surprise you that there are many people that have little or no knowledge about the duties or functions of the Nigerian export promotion council called NEPC. This article will focus on the duties of the Nigerian Export promotion council.

One vital function of the Nigerian export promotion council is trading enhancement activities. It has the responsibility to make a review and liberalize export procedures and documentation to enhance clearance at the ports.

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This means that NEPC or the council can prepare a document having abiding rules and procedures in order to regulate trade activities.

NEPC also assists in financing export by evolving measures designed to make available export financing facilities investment.

For instance, if there is the exportation of goods with available export finance set up by NEPC, this investment can be easily carried out properly.

NEPC organizes training activities and programs such as seminars and workshops in export management and international marketing.

NEPC goes to the extent of training reliable and ingenious persons on how to carry out export management and when these people are properly trained, they can operate marketing even at international standards.

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The Nigerian export promotion council is popularly known for the preparation of export documents. Thus, the council works hand in hand with other governmental agencies to assist in the preparation of export documents.

This shows that the NEPC is not just independent of itself but works under the directive of the government or governmental agencies and policies.

It may surprise you that NEPC also deals with trade information services, not just export documents by establishing international trade information centers and ensuring that it operates properly in providing prompt information services.

Furthermore, NEPC creates awareness. The council produces publicity materials to publicize the export potentials of the country and through this publicity, it creates awareness among the people concerned about the council’s activities. This publicity makes people be more enlisted and informed.

Setting out procedures for export trade is a major duty of the NEPC. It simply approves export by providing export licenses and sets out procedures for exporting goods abroad or outside the country, especially in developing countries.

Agencies can not engage in export development activities except authorized and regulated by NEPC. The council adopts measures necessary to increase the volume of production from agriculture and industry for export.

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It is the duty of the NEPC to regulate export activities excessively by setting an acceptable standard of exportable goods through quality control, packaging, and product design.

Conclusively, export marketing activities is a vital council based on its activities on export marketing. The council assists in assessing the performance of Nigerian export goods in the international market as well as identifying barriers against certain goods by exploring ways of penetrating new markets in the economy.

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