4 Objectives of Nigeria Foreign Policy

Importance of the Nigeria Foreign Policy
4 Objectives of Nigeria Foreign Policy will be explicated in this article. This is to help bring to your…

4 Objectives of Nigeria Foreign Policy will be explicated in this article. This is to help bring to your perusals such importance.

What is Nigerian Foreign Policy

Importance of the Nigeria Foreign Policy
Importance of the Nigeria Foreign Policy – Photo Source: https://infoguidenigeria.com

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Some national growth objectives cannot be achieved without first allying with other countries; it is for this reason that the government of all countries (including Nigeria), has a foreign policy.

Foreign policy involves all the actions and commitments of a government to ensure the country maintains a good image on the global front and secure influence in the international environment while amending its dents.

Foreign policy affects diverse aspects of the nation, such as economic and political international relations, security, and defense. The major purpose of foreign policy is to protect the interest of the nation.

The Nigerian foreign policy has been bedeviled by many inconsistencies such as political instability (leadership problems), insurgency, terrorism, and violence, among others.

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Another major problem is that the ambassadorial selection process has also been largely politicalized and the people who run the affairs on the foreign policy front are not trained international relations experts.

This should not be the case the perception of a country on the international front is very important and brings several benefits to the country and the citizens of the country.

Importance of the Nigeria Foreign Policy

1. A foreign policy thrust can make the military from other parts of the world intervene in perilous times

For instance, during wars, ammunition, food, and other aid can be sent to the warring country

For instance during Jonathan’s administration, one of the policy goals was to get the world’s military interested in the insurgency and terrorism in the North-Eastern Region of the country so they can pool their defense resources and restore peace to the turbulent region.

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2. Ensuring the welfare of Nigerians abroad

Some years ago, there was xenophobia in South Africa and the recent slave trade in Libya.  Foreign policies are meant to track down this kind of situation and speak up for Nigerians being treated unfairly in any part of the world in such a way that, justice and fair judgment is sought for them and they are protected with their rights and dignity also kept intact where they have migrated to whether for study/academic purposes or businesses or leisure.

3. International trade

Nigeria made alliances with other crude oil exporters so that the prices of oil barrels can be well regulated for all the partnering countries to benefit maximally.

There are also other international trade opportunities that a well-structured foreign policy will bring to Nigeria.

This has economic benefits for our nation with the revenue that will be generated leaving the country with some extra money to invest in development projects and programs.

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4. Intervention during the outbreak of epidemics or similar health challenges

For instance, during the Ebola virus outbreak, Nigeria may not have been able to solve the problem but the international communities and neighboring countries pooled resources together.

Laboratory experiments were done with results and findings passed to our health personnel here. This was why the situation was solved so quickly.

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