4 Channels of Communication

Channels of Communication in Nigeria are listed and explicated in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful for your research needs.

4 Channels of Communication 

Channels of Communication in Nigeria
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Communication passes through several media before it gets to the receiver. These media are referred to as channels. They are essentially the means by which we communicate in the country.

Communication experts often insist that information must be conveyed through the right channel to prevent a backfire or something like the exact opposite of the intended information or message.

The channel to use often depends on the complexity of the message or information to be passed across. For complex messages, the channel that makes for clarity the most is such as should be used.

Below are some of the communication channels that you could use for smoother communication in your day-to-day interactions for more jolly relationships, at work, and of course at home with your family members.

Channels of Communication in Nigeria

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Below are Channels of Communication in Nigeria:

1. One-on-one or personal communication channel

This is a channel of communication that we could refer to as a conversation or a dialogue. Usually, the facial expressions and body language do a lot with driving the message home.

The tone of expression also flavors the information and does give a brighter mental picture of what is being communicated.

This channel of communication is the richest channel of communication because feedback can be given immediately. Checks on the clarity of the message can be done by the sender by asking the receiver questions at intervals.

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2. Broadcast media communication channel

This has to do with the use of radios, televisions, and public address systems, to pass information to a large audience of people all at the same time, using various technologies.

Broadcast media as a channel of communication is a disadvantage in that there is hardly a method of feedback and live broadcasts cannot be stopped and replayed in the case where the receiver of the message has missed out on some piece of information. This also depends a lot on electricity which in Nigeria has remained epileptic for many years.

3. Electronic communication channel (E-communication)

It involves the use of electronic mail (e-mails), the internet, social media platforms, and the intranet, among others.

This channel of communication has the capacity to combine, one-on-one and group transfer of information.

Take WhatsApp for instance, there are what is known as private chats and group discussions where there are at least 2 to say a hundred people or even more, all brought together by a group admin.

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4. Writing as a channel of communication

This involves the use of letters, manuals, memos, notices, and announcements. It is very important for the writer who is usually the sender of the information to keep in mind the ABCs of good writing, which is Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.

It is important to ensure that all pieces of information being passed are accurate and error-free. This is very important to avoid misleading people.

To keep written information brief is necessary for an ever-hasty generation such as ours. Lastly, clarity must be achieved by eliminating all ambiguous sentences in the written message.

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