5 Importance of ICT in Nigeria

5 Importance of ICT in Nigeria will be brought to your perusals in this article. This will, in…

5 Importance of ICT in Nigeria will be brought to your perusals in this article. This will, in turn, elucidate the indispensability of ICT in Nigeria.

What is ICT in Nigeria

Importance of ICT in Nigeria
Importance of ICT in Nigeria – Photo Source: https://guardian.ng

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ICT is an abbreviation for Information Communication Technology. ICT is used in our everyday lives, not only does it make life easier, it makes it a lot more pleasurable.

It is also in use in every sector of the Nigerian economy and there are predictions that a decade from now, most of the jobs would be replaced by ICT.

Now that we are in the information age, ICT has become very germane and it is for this reason that this article will discuss the importance of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Nigeria.

Importance of ICT in Nigeria

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1. Faster communication

The friction in the way of communication has been eliminated with the invention of ICT. In those days, it used to take days, weeks, and sometimes months to get information across to our loved ones within and outside the country via ports and post offices.

These days our family and friends are just a dial away. With some clicks on a few buttons and we are connected through electronic mail, chat telephone calls, and video calls.

2. Research made easy

In our universities and higher institutions, students are often required to write term papers and theses. These two require a lot of research i.e. the student has to consult several texts and many authors.

ICT usually makes this easier because of the internet’s pool of knowledge which is accessible via search engines. Students no longer have to spend long hours digging their way through dusty library books to get information about their research work.

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3. Facilitates skill acquisition

There are a number of skills on the internet to learn at your convenience and at a less exorbitant cost. YouTube, for instance, has become a very rich store of skills.

These skills are taught in videos and motion pictures in a step-by-step manner, with download options and replay options, even a slow learner can acquire a skill at their own pace without having to run with a real teacher and the other apprentices, as it is the case with apprenticeship and skills acquisition centers where people are taught or trained in batches.

4. Collaborations and synergistic works across national boundaries

ICT has made collaborations a lot easier with the provision of room for virtual meetings through Skype, webinars, etc. men and women from across the globe can do projects together without necessarily meeting physically in real time.

Through the exchange of emails, calls, and other communication tools, project objectives are well articulated and duly communicated to all the actors in collaborative projects and the process proceeds smoothly till the goals are achieved.

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5. ICT can act as a catalyst for business growth

This is because of the ease of communication between customers and sellers. In the past, feedback from customers was at a very minimal level but this has changed with ICT.

Satisfied customers can now take to their social media pages or official pages of the businesses they patronize to share positive reviews and this is one sure way for businesses to flourish. It is also possible for customers to seek redress in case of unfair treatment.

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