This article is aimed at educating you on steps to employ to revive your phone if accidentally the phone falls inside Water or gets in contact with water.

This article will give your phone its best shot at survival. As assumed by all, when your phone falls inside the water that is the end of it. Is it true?

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What To Do If Your Phone Falls Inside Water
Phone Falls Inside Water –

How will you feel when you lose your contacts, documents, pictures, videos? That alone is enough to make someone very worried and can even lead to a heart attack in some people.

Nobody ever wishes that his/her phone falls inside the water because even tell the warranty does not cover any damage caused by water.

The good news is that you have no cause to worry, you are still assured of ways or steps to follow if your phone falls inside water in order to revive it back to normal.

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Here are the steps to take if your phone falls inside water in order to restore it:

1. Remove the Phone from the water immediately

Every second matter immediately pulls out the phone from the water to avoid water from entering deep into the phone.

2. Remove the battery, sim card, memory cards, and other Peripherals

Remove all the phone cover and plugs that cover any gap and slot on the phone. If you can’t remove the battery (some latest phones have in-built batteries), stand it upright to allow excess water to drain. Then pat your phone dry with a towel or microfiber.

3. Put it in a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the best option to suck out the liquid from the interior parts of the phone. The vacuum cleaner removes all the residual moisture by drawing the water away within 20-30 minutes.

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4. Put your phone on a sunny spot:

Putting your phone on a sunny will also help to get rid of liquid from very small places.

5. Test your Phone

Having applied the aforementioned steps, check your phone after 24 hours or longer if need be to confirm if every part of the phone is dry.

Thoroughly check all parts of the phone and wipe away the dirt and dust from the device.

Thereafter, switch on the phone and observe to see if the phone appears to function perfectly. Consult a phone technician.

6. You may just deep your phone uprightly in the middle of a bag of raw rice and leave it there for 2hours

Though this might work magically, it can render the rice unhygienic to the health.

Things you should not do if your phone falls inside water

1. Do not use a heat source to dry your wet phone

2. Do not put your wet phone in a freezer

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3. Do not part your phone except you are a technician

4. Do not try to press the keys to avoid the water from entering into the interior.

We hope this was helpful!

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