7 Functions Nigerian Communications Commission

7 Functions Nigerian Communications Commission brings to your knowledge the functions and roles played by the Nigerian Communications Commission.…

7 Functions Nigerian Communications Commission brings to your knowledge the functions and roles played by the Nigerian Communications Commission.

What are the Functions of NCC


Nigerian Communications Commission and Functions
Nigerian Communications Commission – Photo Source: https://nigeriacommunicationsweek.com.ng

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What is NCC in Nigeria

The National Broadcasting Commission is an independently existing agency of the federal government of Nigeria established by section 1 of the national broadcasting commission act, cap. Nii, laws of the federation, 2004 and vested with the responsibilities of regulating and controlling the broadcasting industry in Nigeria.

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Organizational structure/leadership of Nigerian Communications Commission

The commission is led by a board of nine (9) commissioners, composed of the chairman (a non-executive commissioner), the executive vice-chairman/chief executive officer, two executive commissioners, and five other non-executive commissioners. These groups of persons are at the helm of affairs in NCC and do take the most serious decisions.

Functions of the Nigerian Communications Commission

Being an independently existing authority that was mandated by the federal government many years ago, the NCC performs these functions;

1. Licensing

Being an agency saddled with the responsibility of regulating communications in Nigeria, it basically achieves this task by issuing licenses to private broadcasting firms so as to ensure strict compliance to laid down rules and also prevent illegal communication services provision.

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2. Consumer Protection

The NCC protects the consumers and ensures that service providers don’t take advantage of the ignorance on the part of some consumers.

To also achieve this task, the NCC creates good platforms for interactions with the consumers to ascertain the nature of service delivery given to them by the communication firms.

3. Communications Law Enforcement

After licensing and outlining codes of conduct and practices, the NCC goes as far as enforcing these laws and thus ensuring strict adherence to these rules and regulations that guide communication in Nigeria.

4. Public Inquiry

Through public inquiry, the NCC gets to make provisions for innovations in the communication system. It is through public inquiry that the agency gets to know about the flaws and loopholes of the communication service providers and such information guides NCC in better policymaking.

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5. Third-Party Role in the Communication System

Being a regulatory authority, the NCC plays a third-party role and also acts as an interface between consumers and communication service providers. This is to ensure a balanced transaction between the duo.

While consumers are protected, service providers are also protected. This has been a major task of the NCC over the years.

6. Standardization of Communication

The NCC sets standards to be met by communications service providers and ensures that cases of non-compliance are seriously treated for the betterment of the consumers.

7. Serving as an Interface between Nigeria and the Global Market

Being the only recognized regulatory agency in Nigeria, the NCC helps reach out to the global world on new strides and tries to get updated with the latest developments in modern technology to ensure that service provision here in the country isn’t outdated.

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In all, it can be deciphered that regulation of communication service in Nigeria is the major task of the NCC and it has lived up to the expectations prior to its establishment.

A better communications service has been provided in Nigeria, thanks to the ever-active NCC working team.

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