How To Track A Stolen Phone in Nigeria brings to your knowledge the necessary information you need in order to track a stolen phone and recover it.

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How To Track A Stolen Phone in Nigeria:

  1. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)
  2. Find My Device Utility/Find My iPhone
  3. Google Services
  4. Phone Tracking Apps
How To Track A Stolen Phone in Nigeria
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Nobody wishes to lose a phone for any reason, but we may be one way or the other falling into the ugly experience of phone theft, either as a result of carelessness or robbery as the case may be.

Howbeit, in most cases, the loss of a phone is not the major issue, the problem here is the loss of personal information embedded in the lost phone like contacts, documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Also, phone theft can easily expose someone’s personal/secret information to working hands.

Meanwhile, there are possibilities to track a stolen phone and recover it. Phone tracking is made possible with the presence of built-in tools that work with location services and the internet.

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It is pertinent to note that the Operating System (OS) of phones defers, therefore each kind of phone has different tracking techniques.

The following are very important and necessary things you need to do as soon as you get a phone; Open a Google account, copy your phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, Switch-on your Global Positioning System (GPS), download an anti-theft app and Setup your Tracking System.

The aforementioned steps will make it possible to track a stolen phone but failing to do any of these before your phone gets stolen means ‘goodbye to your beloved phone.

The steps required in order to track a stolen phone are as follows:

1. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

This is a unique number possessed by every phone. It is usually located at the back of the phone and you can also dial the shortcode *#06# to check it on your device.

With the IMEI number, the police can track a stolen phone and recover it for you. It is only the police that has the required device or tools that can track a stolen phone via the IMEI.

It is very important that you copy out your IMEI number. You may not know when the unfortunate will strike.

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2. Find My Device Utility/Find My iPhone

This utility helps you to find your lost phone through the use of your phone account, that is; if the thief has not logged out of your account yet.

With this strategy, you can wipe out all data from your phone, lock it, or trigger a sound alarm.

Alternatively, if you did not act fast and the thief had logged out of your account, you can check the last location of your phone by using Google Maps, selecting the ‘Your Timeline’ option or you can as well use the to see every location your phone has been taken to.

For stolen iPhones, the Find My iPhone Utility is the way out. It helps you to track down the location of your phone, lock it, and erase all data.

The ‘Notify Me When Found’ is another option that notifies you when your phone has been switched on again.

Microsoft phones had similar tracking systems but it uses different links. Follow the kink ‘’ to track, lock, and erase data.

3. Google Services

You can find the location of your stolen phone by logging into your Google account from another phone or computer. Browse the link ‘ on your web browser, then enter your email address and password.

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4. Phone Tracking Apps

You can track a stolen phone through various applications like Cerberus anti-theft, Prey anti-theft, Lost Android App, Where’s My Droid App, etc. These applications possess different features but similar aims.

With these applications, you can locate your lost phones, ring, erase data, and lock the phone. The Lost Android has a unique feature that can help you forward any calls you may be missing to another number as well as record a running host of calls, text messages, and photos taken with your stolen phone.

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