How to Stop Gender Inequality in 6 Ways

How to Stop Gender Inequality in 6 Ways are explained herein. This is to proffer a solution to…

How to Stop Gender Inequality in 6 Ways are explained herein. This is to proffer a solution to the long-standing gender imbalance in society.

How to Stop Gender Inequality in the Community

How to Stop Gender Inequality in Nigeria
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The issue of gender inequality in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, it is a social problem and could be observed in all aspects of life and seems to be a normal phenomenon for some persons.

It could be witnessed in families, schools, offices, political sectors, traditions, and cultures. Even religious organizations are not left out.

Gender inequality is a societal menace and remains a global problem, characterized by societal stereotypes and prejudices. It is a powerful weapon used to subjugate people based on sex differences.

Unfortunately, women are mostly the victims of gender inequality in Nigeria, they are vulnerable, considered the weaker sex, seen as second fiddle, and most times relegated to the bottom.

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They are treated with unfairness, injustice, and discrimination just because they are women, thus resulting in an inferiority complex and low self-esteem.

Culture, religion, norms, tradition, societal beliefs, etc. are sometimes orchestrated to dehumanize and subjugate females.

Some of this unequal treatment is being accompanied by violence and harmful traditional practices that one will begin to wonder if it is a crime to be a woman in Nigeria.

In recent times, there has been a lot of movements, advocacy, and policies by non-governmental organizations, government bodies, and private sectors to stop gender inequality and promote women’s rights in Nigeria.

However, feminists have continued to argue that the battle for gender equality is not yet won. Feminists and women/human rights activists are still very much in the struggle to give voices to women and promote their rights.

Women are not the only people experiencing gender inequality, men also are sometimes treated unequally but then, it is more prevalent in women.

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Meaning of Gender Inequality

Gender inequality refers to unfair treatment given to people based on their biological differences, (i.e. being a man or woman) it is when people are denied equal opportunity to aspire, explore and compete with their contemporaries because of their gender.

Example 1. When a competent male is denied a secretary job and rather a less competent woman gets the job because women are seen and perceived to be sexy and will attract clients.

Example 2. When a qualified woman in a required field is being denied a managerial position in a reputable organization and rather a less qualified man is chosen, just because it is a general belief that the place of a woman is in the kitchen.

How to stop Gender Inequality 

Here are How to stop Gender Inequality:

1. Education/Sensitization

There is a need for people to be constantly reminded of the dangers of gender inequality. They should be made to realize that it is a violation of human rights for a particular gender to be perceived as superior to the other based on identical differences.

Gender inequality resides even in our conscience, therefore people should be educated so as to change their mindset and treat others with equal value and status.

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2. Formulation of Gender Policy

Advocacy groups should formulate gender policies that accentuate equal opportunity for all. People should be given an opportunity based on merit and not gender.

3. Parents Should Be Informed

Unequal treatment of people most times emanates from the home, the laid down principles children inculcate from home is what they exhibit in society.

When you constantly tell a child how to behave because of his/her gender not because it is the right thing to do, you send a message promoting gender inequality.

When you tell a girl child to always be in the kitchen while the male child is free to play you are treating them unequally and they consider it to be normal.

4. Women Empowerment

Women should be equipped with information and taught how to speak out and stand up for their rights in society.

5. Men Should Be Included In The Struggle

There should be more inclusion of men to join in the struggle, as it is easy for them to convince other men to protect and promote women’s rights in Nigeria.

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6. Eradication Of Harmful Traditional Practices

The government of Nigeria and legal bodies should look into traditional practices that tend to favor one gender over the other and treat people differently based on gender.

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