How to Earn Money from YouTube Views

How to Earn Money from YouTube Views is explained in this article and we do hope that you find this informative and helpful.

How to Earn Money from YouTube Views 

How to Earn Money from YouTube Views
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We often take to YouTube to get “how-to” videos to guide us through the process of trying a popular recipe for the first time or even learning a new skill.

YouTube is the new informal online school where all a person needs to make enrollment possible is data (internet connection).

If you haven’t looked up a video on YouTube in 2019, then we are free to put you in the class of people suffering from technophobia or in the laggards’ group─ people who do not adopt a technology until they need it to breathe.

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Have you ever thought of the possibility of earning some bucks from a personal Youtube Channel? If you have, we are here to tell you it is one hundred percent possible.

Some people earn millions of Dollars from creating great videos on YouTube and you too can be one of them! I guess your now question is, how?

Lilly Singh, popularly known as Super Woman, is the Canadian YouTuber who has been named as the highest-paid YouTuber in the world. Although she is an actress, Television show host, and comedian, she earns more than ten million U.S Dollars from YouTube. She was only 25 when she began featuring in the annual YouTube Rewind. She has taken to the internet to talk about the journey she embarked on to achieve this feat and she says it is worth it!

In this article, we will give you a brief, albeit, comprehensive guide on how to start a YouTube Channel and make money from it. So, here we go.

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How To start a YouTube Channel and Make Money From It:

  1. Set up your own YouTube Channel: This is the very first step to take. Your personal YouTube Channel is just like your own shop in a plaza.

It is where you would ‘display’ your wares. You will begin by installing YouTube on your device and proceed to sign in with your Google account details (i.e email and password).

In the top right corner of your device, you will see a “profile icon”. Click on it and then on “settings” That will take you to a link that will enable you to create a personal YouTube Channel or a business YouTube Channel.

  1. If you choose to create a business YouTube channel, you will have to find a unique name that will distinguish you from other YouTubers who make the same or similar content. Your choice of name is like what you put on the signpost which would direct people to your shop.
  2. Then proceed to add content. Your content must be a high-quality short video. The motion picture must be clear and not blurry, the sound too must be good and without echoes or background sounds. Your content is your wares. Remember, no one shops in an empty store!
  3. Build an audience by posting regularly. You can schedule your posts about twice or thrice a week. If your content is of great value to people you will have more followers and consequently subscribers.

You will need to take to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to tell your friend about the great videos you make.

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  1. The last stage to earning from YouTube requires you to go to the video manager option in your settings and enable monetization.

This means you cannot use copyrighted graphics, images, and music in your video and it means Ads will interrupt your subscribers for a couple of seconds when they visit your YouTube Channel.

When you have reached 4000 hours of views and 1000 subscribers you will need to create an AdSense account for free by providing an email address and Paypal or bank account details to get your earnings per advert click or view.

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