Early Signs of a Good Relationship

Early Signs of a Good Relationship is discussed in this article to help you in securing a good relationship for yourself.

How to Know if you are not in a good Relationship

Early Signs of a Good Relationship:

  1. Your partner should be an embodiment of positivity
  2. Your partner should be like a Godsent to you
  3. Your relationship should make you better
  4. Your relationship should bring out the best in you
  5. The relationships should be rewarding
  6. Your relationships are meant to help you and not destroy you
  7. Your partner should complement you
Early Signs of a Good Relationship
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Relationships are everything. In business, you need a relationship. In school you need a relationship even when you are dealing with the opposite sex, you need to establish a good kind of relationship.

Sometimes these relationships could lead to marriage, future recommendations, or serve as a good reference for the future.

It is not a good idea to be single all the days of your life except if it is a personal choice to be single for your whole life. There are all kinds of relationships, especially those who are close to you.

So, love the people around you. You can’t ignore relationships but you can manage relationships. Nothing makes or destroys your life like a relationship.

This article will be looking at the Basic purpose of Relationships.

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How to Know if I’m in a good Relationship:

1. Your partner should be an embodiment of positivity

So, you and I need to love and value people. God uses people. Whenever God wants to accomplish a purpose in your life, He uses people.

So, who is in your life and what purpose are they accomplishing in your life? When the creator creates an opportunity in life for you, He brings it into existence through people around us or even through strangers. This is why it is advisable to treat people with love as any could be of help to you at any time.

2. Relationships are meant to help you and not destroy you

Any relationship that is pulling you away from God should not be allowed. That means the relationship doesn’t add value to your spirituality.

Your relationship with God is number one. Simply select your relationship because it is not by force. Every relationship should help you not mar you. Any close relationship That is pulling your relationship should be out.

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3. Relationships are meant to make you better

Your testimony should be that since I’ve known this person, have I gotten better and not the other way around?

4. Relationships should bring out the best of you not the worst in

Any person that brings out the worst in you should be thrown out. You should choose a relationship and not be a choice or a second option.

5. Relationships should be rewarding

It should improve your life at every point in time. In several relationships especially when it has to do with different sex, most ladies are hurt even beaten and heartbroken. Relationships should make you happy and not cause your tears.

6. Relationships should complement you

It shouldn’t be a competition but a helpmeet. Have friends that complement your spirituality. A friend that is strong where you are having a weakness.

Be strategic about life with your chosen friends. There are several relationships that mock you, such a relationship should be avoided because it destroys your self-esteem.

7. Your partner should be like a Godsent to you

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Finally, Relationships should serve as a defense mechanism for you. A friend that can stand for you. A friend that can pray for you and watch your back.

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