Importance of the Internet in Nigeria

Importance of the Internet in Nigeria
Importance of the Internet in Nigeria and the myriad of opportunities from which you could tap from the…

Importance of the Internet in Nigeria and the myriad of opportunities from which you could tap from the internet. We hope you find it helpful.

Importance of Internet Services

Importance of the Internet in Nigeria
Importance of the Internet in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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The internet is a network that connects millions of computers, tablets, laptops, cellphones, and other electronic devices through what is called internet protocol to allow access of people from all over the world to millions of terabytes of information or just about any topic.

It is through the internet that we often have access to the World Wide Web (WWW) where the information we sort for on the internet is contained.

While many people cannot imagine what their life will be like without the internet, there are still some people on the other side who do not even know what they stand to gain from sorting the internet more often.

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Importance of the Internet in Nigeria

1. It forms the platform for E-commerce and adverts for all businesses

Online businesses such as online stores display and sell their wares, goods, and services with the aid of the internet. Most business owners take to the internet to advertise their products.

They use social media platforms and other avenues to reach their customers and attract potential customers. More often than not, adverts on the internet are not as expensive as those done on television and radio.

2. Researchers are having it a lot easier with the advent of the internet

The internet is a pool of knowledge. Scholars and researchers need to consult a lot of books and materials during their research to fill knowledge gaps and guide policymakers on what policies we need to develop as a people.

In the past, scholars had to dig through library shelves but with the internet, they are just a click away from e-libraries where search buttons guide them to what they are working on.

Upon completion of research works, researchers can publish their findings on the internet other than let termites eat them up from library shelves.

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3. The internet has brought cheaper entertainment closer to us

Rather than going to the cinema houses after a stressful day, a person can curl away in bed and enjoy any movie of his or her choice on YouTube or Netflix, play video games, text friends, and watch cartoons and comedy skits from the comfort of their room. Without buying tickets or paying late fees, a person can follow an event by watching a live stream.

4. For fast and easy communication, the internet has become an everyday necessity

With one dial or with the click of several buttons, we can send information to and receive the same from our friends and family from anywhere in the world.

Communication has been made a lot easier with text messages, chats, video calls, etc. Distance has been bridged, and formal and informal discussions can proceed without physical contact.

5. Education is more fun with the internet

There are online courses and schools these days, which allows an individual to study at their own pace and take their assessments at their convenience.

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In this case, a person who has a daytime job might choose the evenings for his or her classes. Students taking full-time courses in colleges and universities often refer to the internet when required to write term papers and projects. The internet makes learning a lot easier and more fun.

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