Lecturing Job in Nigeria 2023

Lecturing Job in Nigeria 2023 is discussed in this article. Have you been wondering how you could become…

Lecturing Job in Nigeria 2023 is discussed in this article. Have you been wondering how you could become a lecturer? Do read this article.

Lecturing job in Nigeria 2023

How to become a lecturer in Nigeria

Lecturing Job in Nigeria 2021
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One of the most respected professions in Nigeria and even in the world at large is teaching because it has been proven over time that no nation can rise above the levels of its teachers.

Teachers remodel the lives of their students at different levels and there is no other important level in the life of a learner than when he or she is in the university, polytechnic, or college of education.

At this point, the service of a teacher at a higher level is required, hence, the teachers who teach at this point are often referred to as ‘lecturers’.

A lecturer is someone who gives theoretical and sometimes practical-based lectures to his or her students in the university, impacting them with the necessary skills to fully become trained in whatever profession they have so chosen. They also guide the students in Projects and research, and sometimes, they lead research groups.

If you want to get a lecturing job in Nigeria, you just have to follow these simple steps, though because of the corruption in the country, some lecturing jobs may be given by slots.

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Lecturing Job in Nigeria 2022

Here are Guides on How to Get a Lecturing Job in Nigeria:

1. Go to school and obtain a degree

A dream remains a dream until it is acted upon for its speedy realization. If you must be a lecturer, go to the university and don’t just stop there, obtain a master’s degree and possibly a doctorate.

If you want to lecture on Mathematics, be sure to study mathematics in its entirety so that when the opportunity comes knocking, you do not have to go and sort unnecessarily.

It’s always best to study a course that can offer you the ability to swerve between two courses should you get a lecturing job and be good at it.

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2. Draft a Good CV

Your CV speaks a lot about you, remember that when you start looking for a job, there will be a lot of other people looking for the same job as you, make your CV convincing, and remove irrelevant details, it may even help if you have had teaching experience before that time.

Make sure your CV is up to date and it meets the standard required by the best Universities or colleges in the world regardless of where you will be submitting it.

Your CV should also include your social media handles and possibly your email address because you may not know the medium to which you will be reached. Make your CV font-friendly yet professional, avoid fancy fonts on the CV.

3. Look out for opportunities 

No matter how qualified you may be, lecturing jobs will not meet you in your room. Go out to the university, polytechnic, or college where you wish to lecture, consistently check their notice board or job vacancy placements, and visit their websites or offices, you never can tell when you will be lucky enough to have your needs met.

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4. Be smart

Should you be called for an interview, be smart, answer questions politely, get familiar with the institution before going for the interview, and be ready to give them answers to their questions like you know what you are really going there to do.

Remember that you are a lecturer in the making and not a doctor, answer questions like the teacher that you are.

The thoughts and guide here may not be the ultimate steps to getting lecturing jobs, but if you have an open slot, these tips will greatly increase your chances of becoming a lecturer any time soon.

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