How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria

How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria
How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria will be discussed here. This will assist you in getting…

How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria will be discussed here. This will assist you in getting a teaching job in your next interview.

How to become a certified teacher in Nigeria

How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria
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Teaching is the process of instructing, correcting, disciplining, evaluating, and informing a person to improve the academic life of the person or a part that is very important for the full development of the person.

A teacher is someone who passes on knowledge to learners in a school whether formally or informally. Many years ago, teaching was seen as a degrading profession for those who could not gain admission into university but opted for the colleges of Education.

Teaching was seen to be very degrading and embarrassing, the smart ones had always gone in for departments that offered better and more promising careers, neglecting the ones that has to do with teaching.

Many years have come and gone and the evolution going in the world has pointed out that teaching is a very good profession.

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Everyone in all parastatals has come to terms with the fact that teaching is one of the best professions, not just in Nigeria or today but in the world and forever because no nation no matter how big or small can rise above the level of its teachers.

Today in Nigeria as in other countries, there are many schools compared to oil companies or even banks thereby providing the graduate teacher a lot of opportunities to put into practice what he or she had been trained to do.

To get a teaching Job in Nigeria, first, you need to consider if you are going to work either in a private or public school.

The choice will determine how you’ll go ahead to look for the job. This article will focus on getting a job at a private school and in subsequent articles, you will be shown how to get a job with a public school.

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How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria

Here are Guides on How to Get a Teaching Job in Nigeria:

1. Get Certified

Nigeria is getting past the era where unqualified persons are employed to teach the children in a school. You must have at least an NCE or you must have studied a course about Education.

This is the first qualification that will aid you in hastily getting the job. After the conventional certification, ensure to be registered as a teacher and get the teacher’s license which confers upon you the full right to teach in any school.

2. Create a Curriculum Vitaè (CV)

Your CV must reflect every vital detail of you that is relevant to the teaching profession. Cut the long stories and move straight to the point.

Don’t also forget that your CV must have your mission statement in it (every proprietor will love to take a look at it).

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3. Research the school you want to work with

Don’t just submit your letters randomly, submit them to places you know about. Go online and search for the school which best suits you and make physical research about the place. Get to know a middle manager in the school (this will give you an upper hand).

4. Have an Online Presence as a teacher

Make the whole world know you as a teacher by creating articles online if possible making memes and short videos. Just shout to the world that you are a teacher.

You’ll get big schools begging you to come and work for them. Remember that everyone wants to employ a person of value and as such, don’t just submit your CV and application letters, show them what you have done online. That’ll give you a bonus.

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5. Dress like a teacher for the interview

Should you be called up for an interview session, be sure to be dressed like a teacher and not a job seeker. Be smart, observe office etiquette, and go there with your ready-made lesson notes and other things that portray you beyond words and papers as a well-trained teacher.

Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to a school’s classroom.

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